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  1. Punisher pt.6

    ill tell you bcs im good and mr awesome - find friend, one as bear, one as usec and its easy for you .) u welcome
  2. so sad story, ill cry for you
  3. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    u are so evil
  4. Ban for forbidden software using 

    i hope its IP Ban
  5. When is next wipe

    last ? hahaha its not last wipe
  6. spis tyden, 3 mesice je moc
  7. wipe bude ? nebude ? kolik jich je jeste v planu ?
  8. Full Auto vs Single Fire

    sks fast clicling, its like auto but with more accuration
  9. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    no more wipes, ive got great stash
  10. ETA on Open beta/next Update?

    soon, very soon.. soon soon
  11. extract camping nicks

    like a scav when you run into the exit with the shot after you, so I do not have time to clean the room
  12. startup crash error

    ok thx, its bsg.
  13. startup crash error

    anyone same problem ? today i cant start a game, each start - crash error
  14. extract camping nicks

    ive got factory key but as a scav cant use it .) ...