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  1. JustWaggs

    Any sales comming up?

    Any Sales will be announced shortly ahead of time. I would keep an eye on the news to see any future sales!
  2. JustWaggs

    Weapon Lasers

    IR settings on lasers is planned in the future but not currently in game. This has been discussed before many times. Please use the search function before creating new topics.
  3. JustWaggs

    Night Vision / LS321 Laser

    The IR lasers are not yet implemented you’re safe.... For now
  4. JustWaggs

    INGAME iSSUES /knife dissapear and no money left

    As suggested by @GraueEffizienz you could reset your game profile (same location you download the launcher from) or as long as you have your safe container you could rush into raids and loot up quickly then get out. Everything is worth something to someone
  5. JustWaggs

    Delivery from the past bug

    I noticed that it only counted as me extracting if I did it durning day time factory, if I escaped night factory it didn’t register as me escaping. Hope this helps!
  6. JustWaggs

    Bug Report: Inventory Error and lost loot

    Please avoid posting topics unrelated to this section of the forum. This section is for questions directed at the developers, please use the bug tracker to submit bug reports. Thanks!
  7. JustWaggs

    Issue with EXP

    You must earn more experience in order to avoid receiving the Ran Through status.
  8. JustWaggs

    Unacceptable wait times

  9. JustWaggs

    Character spawning in before game loading

    Please use the support topic to report this bug!
  10. JustWaggs

    Factory Matching

    Please read any recent news and use the search function before creating topics.
  11. JustWaggs

    RANDOM damage.

    Suppressors are extremely hard to hear from seemingly 100 meters and past that point so if someone has a surpressed weapon and good line of sight it is more likely than not the reason for this
  12. JustWaggs

    Why am i not receiving my device id key

    Please create a ticket in the support center.
  13. JustWaggs

    Explain to me a spawn system

    Please use the search function. This has already been discussed.
  14. JustWaggs

    Game Issues

    Please avoid using all caps, this is against the forum rules.
  15. JustWaggs

    Server Performance

    Hello! To answers some of your questions server performance suffers before during and after server updates because we do rolling updates so we don't shut down and update all of the servers all at the same time. So while some servers are active others are updating putting more load on those that are still active during the process. Also the reason we add new waves of players to the game is to stress test the servers and see what we can do to either optimize to avoid the problems caused or add servers and find where are more servers needed. The hours you speak of poor performance are 'peak' hours when most people get off work and sprint home to play Escape from Tarkov. I hope this helps!