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  1. The Hideout announcement

    all I'm saying is I cant wait, its my data bitz and I want them now!! lol jkjk
  2. Looking for game budies

    I'm waiting to get let in the discord to play with people
  3. USA Discord Group Recruiting

    I'm looking for people to play with !!!!!!
  4. Game Reset ?

    The game wiped for the update didn't it
  5. connection

    I disabled my antivirus for the game, tried to run as admin and same result. I'm not sure if its just my connection speed or if the files may have been corrupted when I downloaded the game which wont let me actually connect to the server?
  6. connection

    it does the loading process but it starts saying waiting on server right before it goes to the deployment screen, then I end up back at the menu screen that says Escape from Taro. I click it and says I left the game. it gives me the option to reconnect or confirm leave. I try to reconnect and it does it all over again.
  7. connection

    is anyone else having issues with connecting to online games? I seem to only be able to kill AI and its getting boring