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  1. Sub for the Sub.

    #locked Advertisement is forbidden on this forum, please refrain from opening threads like these in the future.
  2. Go in greedy, get out rich.

    #moved to off-topic
  3. Looking for Clan

    #locked LFG posts are strictly forbidden in the clan section.
  4. are there wipes in the game?

    There're usually a wipes that come with some major patches. They are usually announced beforehand. Do note that the account wipes are part of the development process and should cease once the game is released.
  5. Free m4 Giveway

    #Locked on OP request
  6. #Locked Game progress is wiped only during certain patches while the game is still in development. Thank you for understanding.
  7. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Can't handle the spice
  8. ЧВК Prets - Добро пожаловать!

    Ох сколько-ж времени прошло =)
  9. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    Just go on our Teamspeak and say hello! Use this address as server address:
  10. ЧВК Prets - Добро пожаловать!

    Из спортивного, так сказать, интереса - те-же Prets, что в Айон лет этак 9 назад на релизе играли?
  11. Cheaters??!!

    #Locked If you consider it to be bug or desync, feel free to submit a bug report. It's the only way for BSG to know what exactly happened.
  12. 4 kills

    #Locked BSG does not support hacking reports via the forum medium.
  13. guys the spawn queues are atrocious

    This project is a WiP. It's not a finished product. Things like these are only to be expected as this game is done by a small independent studio. The COO of BSG confirmed on Reddit today that more servers are inbound, ETA is roughly 2 weeks or so. You are obviously not expected to check every Reddit post for more information, but remembering that EfT is still in CBT stage will go a long way.
  14. #Locked If you encounter any bugs, please submit them using the bug report function. The developer team has no way of knowing of those bugs, or most importantly, how to replicate them without data from you. or for more information you can go to this thread: If you wish to dispute any moderator action - feel free to contact support at: However, do refrain from discussing them in public, such as this thread.
  15. Hacker are back

    #Locked BSG does not take hacking reports via the means of the forum. You can contact support or wait for the anti-cheat to deal with them. Please refrain from opening similar threads in the future.