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  1. Borscht


    Anyone who was dealing with Reddit\Discord\Spotify\Myspace\Facebook was a volunteer
  2. Borscht


    My favorite memelord
  3. Borscht

    New AK variant screenshots

    Looks hella sweet! Super excited to see them in-game!
  4. Borscht

    Removing NPCs was the worst Idea ever

    AI are back in the game.
  5. Borscht

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Interesting, interesting, interesting!
  6. Borscht

    Game Freezing

    I will inquire if it's possible to update the website, but it doesn't change the fact that the game is still in testing stages and optimization is a work in progress.
  7. Borscht

    Game Freezing

    Just a reminder of the image you see when you start the game. Currently 8Gb allows you to play semi-comfortably on most maps with the exception of Shoreline. Recommended settings have never been a guarantee of great perfomance in most games.
  8. Borscht

    Game Freezing

    It has been mentioned countless times that 16Gb is necessary for comfortable gameplay.
  9. Borscht

    Sub for the Sub.

    #locked Advertisement is forbidden on this forum, please refrain from opening threads like these in the future.
  10. Borscht

    Go in greedy, get out rich.

    #moved to off-topic
  11. Borscht

    Looking for Clan

    #locked LFG posts are strictly forbidden in the clan section.
  12. Borscht

    are there wipes in the game?

    There're usually a wipes that come with some major patches. They are usually announced beforehand. Do note that the account wipes are part of the development process and should cease once the game is released.
  13. Borscht

    Free m4 Giveway

    #Locked on OP request
  14. #Locked Game progress is wiped only during certain patches while the game is still in development. Thank you for understanding.
  15. Borscht

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Can't handle the spice