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  1. SpeedyGonzales

    Pfffffffffffft campers

    Yeah i hope it gets better when the new spawn system is in, but you have to push other spawns. Camping in a tactical shooter = good positioning ;). Cause like others said you hear/see something and when its a group you dont want to push them and bring yourself in an uncontrolled situation. This game is much about first use your brain second the left trigger finger of your mouse. @ZXD_SHO-SHIN but to camp exits is really a sign of being a low mind who dont know how to win firefights otherwise instead. Because you dont react flexible to a situation and try to control win it. Only my opinion. And back in the alpha where only EOD backers could play it was a silent gentlemen`s agreement to dont camp the extist. But this fresh souls dont know how to do it otherwise so let it be hehehe.
  2. SpeedyGonzales

    1 shot headshots?

    One Tap headshots should always stay in this game, for everyone to have a chance to higher level gear groups etc. . In my opinion there should be a little heart 1 tap hitbox too, and chest and stomach should share damage when shot in the center of it. So only in the outside where no vital organs are, should be seperated damage of the torso. So duck the retard visiors let them out the game and the fear from everyone pistolero, shotianer etc be real again, let beginners have this luck time when they drop geared players. For myself i´m level 30 now and i sell all the visors and forts, but otherwise i run fully geared and when i got this on tap the guy has earned the stuff.
  3. SpeedyGonzales

    My suggestion for armour and helmets as of 0.9.2

    This post needs a lot more attention then it gets. In this patch we have serveral issues related to the bulletspongines i believe. 1. The bad hit registration that comes with the new patch / some weird connection items bugs where bullets dont make damage or the player you shoot is in god mode cause of connection issues. 2. The amor should be decreased and helmets like the thread starter says should be one shot over 9mil and 12gbucks. Cause its essential for the feel of the game as for beginners and scavs and high equipped players that everyone has to fear luck/skill headshots, otherwise we could make a second division out of it with a healthbar above the player hehehe ;). For amor vest you could let it like it is if you do a more complex damage system for it, 7,62 shot to the fort should let you drop on your ass and have a chance of broken ribs = lower stamania/ bad weapon handling cause of pain etc. as an example. But now its like only you need level blablabla to get bs ammo and you can stand equipped players, and you can get one full decked out player down but with groups of tanks it gets ridiculous. In my opinion make the amorvest like it was in previous patches only as a better chance to survive some shots but dont let them absorb hole mags from 5,45-7,62, yeah i know some amor are capable of to do so but the human behind is far away from fight ready after that hits. But then you have to go the hole way down with a lot more animations and a complexer health system. Make it hardcore again plzzzzz
  4. SpeedyGonzales

    Is tarkov getting a bit salty?

    Shut the beep of and beep yourself only a joke. But for real there are a wider majority of players now and we are not in a hippy commune and there are still younger players who act like this. As and advice for the whole internet competition game thingy dont take poo to serious, go on and have fun.
  5. SpeedyGonzales

    Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    There we go someone who reads fancy tactictal magazins and websites, dont believe all what marketing of weapon companys try to sell you as a truth ;). Steyr AUG A3: Short as an SBR but with a full length barrel. Modular to a degree but not to the degree of an M4. Easy to change barrels. Easy to add necessary accessories. Ambidextrous use is challenging..for now. High grade, high quality, and extremely refined construction. The bullpup brings attributes to the table that allow it to be run almost as a big pistol. Something the full sized M4 cannot do. Since the absence from the market of the FS-2000, the AUG is the finest bullpup rifle in existance. Google problems with aug weapons systems and then try ar15 ;). Good shot accuracy same as AR15 platform so from my experience. As long as the optics are equivalent, the AUG and the AR will hang together out to 550m or 600y plus.
  6. SpeedyGonzales

    The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Hmm dont know i hope it dont get to op, never liked games with thermal sights cause of the balance gamplay factor but we will see. So mayby there is a counter gear (thermalblocking pancho or something). https://www.oathkeepers.org/defeating-drones-how-to-build-a-thermal-evasion-suit/ I dont think PMC have the need of a laserdesignator.
  7. SpeedyGonzales

    Drum magazines / Quick swap Magazines?

    Yeah pik show you the way only thing that 7,62x25 84 mags for TT would be sick as duck and much heavier then the gun itself but such a mag doesnt exists not in real, so not in tarkov. He means 9x18mm for the makarov. But man would i like to see something like that .
  8. SpeedyGonzales

    Rotpunkt Visier Heller machen

    @V-Man is leider kein unterschied daher es die Funktion nicht gibt wie beim realen Counterpart, es heller oder dunkler zu stellen.
  9. SpeedyGonzales

    Rotpunkt Visier Heller machen

    Ich hoffe ja drauf das dies in absehbarer Zeit geändert wird zumindest bei den realen Vorbildern wo es tatsächlich funktioniert also fast bei allen red dots ingame. Dies könnte nämlich nicht nur bei Tag wichtig werden sondern auch bei der Verwendung von Nachtsichtgeräten wo der punkt meist überstrahlt.
  10. SpeedyGonzales

    Anyone know that feeling

    The second time that happen to you and you learned nothing hehehe. Next time you better wipe the hole map check every camper corner you could find before you extract. Lucky pistolero there congratulations
  11. SpeedyGonzales

    Desync - wer hat es noch?

    @Uncle_Pete wusste ich nicht danke für die Aufklärung. Habe schon viele kennengelernt die viel glauben zu wissen und mir wurde erklärt dies ist laggen und das andere desyncen blablabla etc. ;), aber wer nichts weiß muss alles glauben, indem Fall ich. Schlussendlich hoffe sie bekommen diese Probleme in den Griff, aus meiner persönlichen Erfahrung denke ich schon das sie auf einen guten Weg sind daher es für mich und paar bekannte EFT Spieler im großen und ganzen besser geworden ist.
  12. SpeedyGonzales

    Desync - wer hat es noch?

    Mich würde echt mal interessieren woran das liegt. Ich für meinen Teil konnte gestern alle Maps, ausser einmal auf Shoreline "normal" zocken. Normal für mich heisst, das es am Anfang wo alle connecten kurz lagged (rennen schnell durch die gegend werden herumgeportetd etc.) doch nach dieser max 30sec. Phase läufst eigentlich echt Rund und ich merke deutlich das etwas im positiven sinne zu den vorherigen Patches passiert ist. Ich habe einen Bekannten der immer über arge Desyncs etc schimpft wenn er alleine spielt, sobald ich den Lobbyführer mache gibts für ihn auch sogut wie keine desync Runden mehr. Könnte es sein das manche in die falsche Region eingeteilt werden oder dergleichen ? Desyncs für mich bedeuten, das zb. die Waffe blinkt und alles blockiert, kein nachladen möglich ist, zuviel Kugeln im Magazin, Inventar blinkt und das schlimmste von allen mann von unsichtbaren erschossen wird und keinen damage bei seinen gegenüberm macht. Im Durchschnitt habe ich von 7 Runden eine mit einem schlechten Server wo vlt High Pinger unterwegs sind oder ich keine optimale Serveranbindung habe und es von Anfang bis ende Desynct. Teilweise aber auch mitten in einer Runde wenn jemand disconnected und bis dieser wieder am Server ist. Was ich auch noch festgestellt habe ist das das Spiel zuviel Bandbreite benötigt und wenn einer von unsere Gruppe wegen Prime time ins seiner Region oder aus anderen Gründen gröbere Schwankungen in der Leitung hat von Desyncs geplagt wird. Bin aber ein technisches Nupperle von dem her rein meine persönliche Erfahrung zu dem Thema.
  13. SpeedyGonzales

    Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Looking real nice and some intresting locations for good firefights it seems so. I hope shoreline becomes more location of interests the it has now, like dorms marked room. This something i want in every map some real good hotspots.
  14. Now we speak the same language ;), only joking buts thats what i`m up for, cant wait for this poo (s h i t ) ;). Yeah they should do it so that your arm isnt involed in the whole animation, only that you push it that the door moves from alone.
  15. First off i play in teams and solo i like it both ;), its only a other playstyle , no must for one or the other when you know what you are doing ;). Thats not the problem in my eyes the problem is only the door opening mechanic, this poo has nothing to do with tactics and strategy in my eyes cause thats another topic. The only prob. that you cant open doors from the side etc., there should be more ways to open doors, middel like it is and left or right where you give the door camper no profile like it is possible in real ;). And i never needed fac. key when you play smart and good you dont need that overhyped key anyways, yeah it makes things easier but when your only strategy is based on this key you are lost anyways ;). There are so many different efficient tactics strategys. So thats why i think its the only really lame exit camp in this game. To the thread starter the key to success is map knowledge, thats all you need and you can handle many different situations. Try out pve learn think about the map.