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  1. bbcokeley

    cheat show

    Kowalski, Analysis!!!! First, (First) the game content Prevent the cheat and then advertise the game to us.(New content prevents new cheats at first. BUT Then it looks like they have the cheat backup and show it on their sites/youtube) For example: s-k-forever around the player who watches how to create an anti-cheat (E.G. company s-k-forever? this could also be a player who creates these cheats for a site, but also helps companies by showing them this with an anticheat) you can't play games (Direct insult to all of us E.G GIT GUD!!!!)
  2. bbcokeley

    New 4K monitor broke the game for me.

    I can chime in here, i7-4790k 1080ti played 4k for along time now, I have zero issues, stays at roughly 70-90 fps on all maps. The game isnt well optimised so that plays a large part in the performance all round. Cant say ive had issues that low, are you using the hdmi cable or the DP cable (The DP cale is for 4k compatible monitors) my monitor is a gsync 32" 4k and it runs the game fine, see if you have a DP cable to try out first.
  3. bbcokeley

    Why does my game look like this?

    I clearly thought "WTH is that huge scope" in the first pic. Made me double take there. I relation to your post, i dont know, but your colours are very bright mine looks kinda drab, but i like it that way.
  4. bbcokeley

    Free trial codes

    Gofor it, better than multiple threads Both my codes have now gone, LiverCheese hs 2 x EU trial codes
  5. bbcokeley

    Free trial codes

    Sure ill PM you one
  6. bbcokeley

    Free trial codes

    One 14 day trial code left EU region
  7. bbcokeley

    Free trial codes

    Got 2 free trial codes to give away, if anyone knows some one who wants them let me know. None of my friends are interested (whom haven't already purchased it) EDIT EU.
  8. bbcokeley

    Cant see market screen

    Ill try this out on the weekend. Thanks
  9. bbcokeley

    Raiders are way too overpowered.

    Whats the point in an anti cheat if it cant detect ESP? I thought any AC could, does it not inject or latch onto the process like an aimbot does? This is dissapointing, and actually explains alot of deaths (i play solo and very slowly quietly through the maps) like im well hidden or moving silently and then get naded or have some one waiting for me...... Lets hope they make some detection for ESP
  10. bbcokeley

    Cant see market screen

    Damn, at least im not on my own, didnt even think about the quest screen. Lets hope they address this soon.
  11. bbcokeley

    Cant see market screen

    Cant add things to market screen Play 4k its way off to the top right. see attached screen shot, can you fix this please?
  12. bbcokeley

    whats up with Eroktic?

    no one mention that bsg is not paying for the license for the weapons/mods they use in game? Im not taking sides here, i think they've started a thing here which could cause major problems from a pr point of view. im quite disappointed how they handled this to be fair. Hope this isnt the begining of the end of this game, i seriously love the game as its very unique and no other fps feels even close anymore.
  13. bbcokeley

    Flea market BOT!

    This is how i buy the best deals fast. PROOF: Am not a bot.
  14. bbcokeley

    I swear there is more cheaters than players

    With current trends, i dont doubt this, the evidence is there during every ban wave.