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  1. China number one!, unlock regions!!!!
  2. And theres the answer, EU USA AU all spent a heck of alot more to play. Sorry but its not everyone elses fault nor the devs, its done this way for Ping mainly, having the gross aount of hackers in your region is nothing to do with the rest of us, and i for one dont fancy seeing some one teleport around while im trying to play.
  3. Sounds like your burned out on the game, I had a long break from about patch 0.5 or 0.6 - 0.9 (a few months) because i got fed up with it, then came back near the end of 0.9 and am enjoying again. Take a short break from it (or a long one if needed) there's other things to do/play. Peace dude
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but if you bought the European version of the game, then you should get the option to play on the european servers? (all be it through an Euopean VPN) Am i wrong in saying this?
  5. bbcokeley

    4k resolution bugged

    same as me dude, have to double open containers to get them to appear in mid of screen
  6. bbcokeley

    Game freezing at first loading screen

    Have you tried to see if the windows firewall is blocking it? Turn off your firewall and test to see if something is going on there. Failing that, put it into windowed mode again, on a lower resolution and see what happens when you launch the game
  7. bbcokeley

    BUG: Stuck at very first loading screen

    Try launching the game in window borderless, it fixed it for me when i was having this issue (i also uninstalled my graphics driver) on win10 though .
  8. bbcokeley

    Game freezing at first loading screen

    Im a bit late and hopefully you have found a fix already but try launching it in windowed mode (this can be selected in the launcher settings) it worked for me as i had to upgrade? to win10 and this exact issue i was getting. Set it to windowed borderless on 4k and now it works again.
  9. bbcokeley

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    Heres to hoping 0.1 will bring some much needed fixes. BUT if it does not show much improvement of the game, i think i will be stepping away for a few patches as i have been getting terrible lag lately, and its typical because i only get a few hours a week to play right now.
  10. bbcokeley

    SCUM soon.

    I agree with most of you guys on Tarkov being the better EA, I was never comparing the two games. Was just mentioning its a mere 20$ for an EA that looks alright, after having a few hours with it last night i can agree there's a lot of stability issues, and a fair amount of optimisation to be done (and i have a decent rig) BUT its network seems very efficiently coded, I saw zero lag, no rubber banding or teleporting (as a lot of streamers seem to be reporting) and that was on a 60 pop server. The graphics are decent (They are no where near as good as Tarkov), the gun models are lackluster in every way, and the sounds are a bit shite. The atmosphere feels great and the huge mechs/zombies combo is a different approach. Conclusion: 20$ (£15.50) well spent, if i get 20 hours out of it, its paid for its self (1hour for 1 dollar i usually base a game off of) and i played a few last night and plan on a few more until the 0.10 patch drops. Its nice to have somewhere else to survive when Tarkov gets too rough.
  11. bbcokeley

    SCUM soon.

    Sure thing dude, im down for that, although I live in the UK, so depends on time zones, me and my cousin may get a private server though, any idea if you can host your own servers in SCUM? And yeh ive seen the cpu usage, it makes mine goto about 63 degrees, ive had worse games than this, but it runs pretty smooth.
  12. bbcokeley

    SCUM soon.

    So guys n gals, SCUM releases EA on steam later this afternoon (UK here), just wondering how many of you lot are going to give it a whirl to see how it pans out. they said it will be twenty bucks for initial steam release, seems a bit low, but also fair for an EA especially with all the terrible EA releases as of late (and of the past, I'm looking at you dayz!). Any ways I will be giving it a go as I await the fantastic progress that is beset upon Tarkovs development, cant wait for .10 and the following to drop, especially exicted for the network fixes and stability work. Will revisit when the patch drops. Hope you all having a great end of summer, catch you guys out there some time. Peace!
  13. Exactly this, moved them from my gamma to my pockets/vest before placing 100% worked. I used them from gama and they bugged, i think this is intentional. Put em in your pockets before placing.
  14. bbcokeley

    Gear Loadout saving

    Yeh, i can see massive changes coming through, it would be nice to just run a p226 vest 2 mags 50 rounds car/painkillers without having to go through 20 screens to get/load all them things, as a budget run i dont change anything between runs. so it would be more of a quality of life thing. I also understand there alot more things need fixing before more features should be put it.
  15. bbcokeley

    Gear Loadout saving

    No search results came up, so.... So its annoying when i have to click several screen after a death raid, then alt click several items then go back to main screen (or heaven forbid the traders screen). Any chance we can visit the vendors and select some sort of gear save option, after each death then we can at least goto this gear saved screen and it auto purchases the loadout. Obviously to start with just plain stuff the vendors sell like armour basic rigs, backpack, sidearm, meds ammo.... You know the usual you would take inside a raid. It pains me to go through so many screens before jumping back in, Especially if i've bought several load outs of the same stuff and just want to go back in cause i'm on a timed mission to kill x amount of stuff.