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  1. BrockyTM

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    This isn't PUBG. Stop trying to make it as such. It'll never happen.
  2. BrockyTM

    List of suggestions

    Dude. No offence but I think you're missing the aspect of a realistic, hardcore survival game. And Furthermore more if you have not been paying attention to Dev Updates it states there will be animations of Medical. So it will throw the whole "Right click" use function.
  3. BrockyTM


    UFM handguard for AKM How the hell does one install this poo!
  4. BrockyTM

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    We don't need a kill cam mate. If you get killed in real life you aren't gonna know who did it. It's hardcore. Knowing who killed you at the end is enough.
  5. Streaming Shortly if anyone would like to join.

  6. BrockyTM

    Please ban this hacker

    Maybe not complain. They do ban waves. poo happens man. It's called a "Hackusation" for a reason. You don't know if he is or not. Just let the devs do their job.
  7. BrockyTM

    List of suggestions

    How so? They changed them from 1 hour to 3. That's plenty of time in my opinion.
  8. BrockyTM

    List of suggestions

    Ha ha ha. Dude no. I'm sorry. But you have equal opportunities to kill people of a higher level. I know of multiple level ones killing (Easily Mind you) level 30. This game is a hardcore survival game. It is harder than PUBG because PUBG is for call of duty players with no actual aspect of survival. People who backlash such a game because they can't survive straight away bugs me. It has a learning curve. It's not difficult.
  9. BrockyTM

    Night vision?

    Attaching night vision to Kiever helmet?
  10. BrockyTM

    RSASS Front Guard foregrip?

    Thanks mate!
  11. BrockyTM

    RSASS Front Guard foregrip?

    TheThe JP Enterprise.
  12. BrockyTM

    RSASS Front Guard foregrip?

    Does anyone know what foregrip goes there as I can not find one that will? I have made my M4 into a DMR and need a handguard.
  13. BrockyTM

    List of suggestions

    The aspect of hardcore is having the fear of not making it to a position on time. If you are in the middle of a firefight. I don't think you would have enough immersion to look at the raid counter. As for immersion status. When in the raid. Press "O" to check at all times. Like, check your watch. The watch feature will be implemented shortly. Please don't think this game as "CoD". It is a tac, survival game.
  14. BrockyTM

    Official Trading Thread

    Does anyone have a fac key and 3 B-3 mounts for the VSS? Willing to pay a few.
  15. BrockyTM


    I was on a raid and got someone who stashed 6 marked keys, who needs them?