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  1. PipariVaras

    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    2,58 something burning so is that some burning trash or can we craft balaklava and vodka Molotov? i cant wait.. Awesome good job BSG
  2. PipariVaras

    Hideout and EoD

    Yep thats true and that EOD edition stash its not biggest.
  3. PipariVaras

    Battle Belt?

    They will add molle system and you can change what pouch you have and also you can change different plates.
  4. PipariVaras

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    You dont lose. After wipe you have bonus items what included your edition always
  5. Good idea! When they added molle system they can also make some molle first aid pouches
  6. PipariVaras

    New players

    Character name Jallu Description Jallu is 30 year old guy who live Finland. He is working company what rebuild old american muscle cars and he is engineer who rebuild old V8 engines. He have also own muscle car Dodge Charger 68. Weekend he like go hunting, fishing with friends or go rebuild new engine he's Dodge Charger. After work he go running forest with he's best friend Kossu. Who is 2 year old male Rottweiler(Dog). His past He has working that same company 10 years so after he complete school he go there working. When Jallu was 20-23 old he spent time lots shooting range and he have Sako 85 Black Wolf bolt action rifle. 25 year he buy own house and move there with girlfriend and they have lived there happy 5 year. 28 year he buy with girlfriend Kossu. How did he get to Tarkov? Jallu like Stalker and Metro series so he want travel Tshernobyl. When he wast in Tshernobyl strange stalkers kidnapping him and he's dog Kossu. Predilections Shooting and Old muscle cars Friends Kossu 2 year old Male Rottweiler Wounds, and battles Jallu left knee take hit when those stalker kidnapping him. But its not bad wound, just scratch Kossu dont hurt at all. Aspirations He want survive with he's dog and go save home. The greatest achievement that character did Complete school. Rebuild complete he's Dodge Charger. And when he was 22 old he won Finnish shooting competition with Sako 85 Black Wolf. Strength 25 Endurance 27 Accuracy 28 Engineer
  7. PipariVaras

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Q) Is there going to be a killcam or replay records after a RAID from the POV of all players? A) Not yet. No devs dont do that!
  8. PipariVaras

    Fence Issue

    Dear Fence no! Who give that spoiled condensed milk? Who was that?! Here take my vaseline and goldenstar perhaps it help I take my makarov and if i find you i shot all my 84 bullet your head...
  9. PipariVaras

    On results of the New Year Event

    Of course we are. Next major patch and when Open Beta start.< I think final wipe is when is final release
  10. PipariVaras

    New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Yeah but tarkov is now closed beta. Open beta start begining 2018
  11. PipariVaras

    New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    Yes of course. Then dont play if you cant handle wipe...This is beta test so you must test everything and report bugs. Not like usually big companies do. ”Play couple months and tell you friends this is awesome game” style. This is true beta testing We test what devs want we test.
  12. PipariVaras

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Hi My suggest is Jatimatic Finnish 9mm smg. Manufacturer is Tampereen Asepaja Oy and it is produced 1983-1986. There is some details copied wikipedia: Operating mechanism The Jatimatic is an automatic, open bolt, blowback-operated firearm. A unique feature of this design is the angle of the bolt guide rails in relation to the bore axis. When fired, the telescopic bolt, which encloses the barrel for most of its length, recoils up an inclined plane at a 7° angle to the barrel, giving an element of braking to the bolt, and also resisting the upward movement of the barrel during fully automatic fire. This arrangement aligns the shooter's hand wrapping the pistol grip directly with the longitudinal axis of the barrel. The pistol grip is also located higher than on many other submachine guns, causing recoil to be directed backwards to the user rather than upwards, eliminating muzzle climb and making the weapon more controllable when being fired one-handed. Features The casing extractor is contained in the bolt while a fixed ejector is installed in the trigger housing. Due to the upward angle that the bolt must traverse in order to fire, the weapon has no feed ramp, so bullets are pushed by the bolt directly from the magazine into the chamber. The weapon's ejection port is covered in both the forward (closed) and retracted positions of the bolt assembly, protecting the gun's internal mechanisms from dust and debris. The left exterior surface of the bolt is engraved with a visual warning sign labeled "FIRE", which is visible through the ejection port when the weapon is cocked (the bolt is moved to the rear position). The firing mechanism features a two-stage progressive trigger that provides two modes of operation: semi-automatic fire, when the trigger is squeezed momentarily, and fully automatic fire—produced when the trigger is pulled all the way through and held back. No fire control selector is provided. The Jatimatic features a striker firing mechanism with a fixed firing pin installed inside the bolt (the dual-purpose return spring also serves as the firing pin spring). Many of the weapon's parts, including the frame, pistol grip/charging handle, trigger, sear, and disconnector are made of plastic, while many other parts are made of stainless steel; altogether, it has only 39 individual components. The receiver is made from stamped sheet steel with a hinged cover. The Jatimatic lacks a folding stock common for this class of firearm; the weapon is instead fired unsupported from the hip or raised arm, without resting the firearm on the shooter's shoulder. However, aftermarket stocks are available which fasten to the lower side of the pistol grip and give it much greater accuracy, while also protecting the rear sight from being bent or broken. Feeding The submachine gun uses 20 or 40-round detachable box magazines, made of extruded aluminum with a plastic follower and a steel spring and floor plate. The weapon can also accommodate magazines designed for the Swedish K and, with some modifications, the Smith & Wesson M76. The weapon is chambered for the NATO-standard 9×19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge. Reloading the weapon involves charging the folding vertical forward grip, which is simultaneously the cocking handle. The grip is deployed and locked forward with a spring latch and then charged to the rear and guided back forward in order to chamber a round. The forward grip does not reciprocate with the bolt during firing and also acts as a safety mechanism in the stowed (folded) position, immobilizing the bolt in either its forward or rear positions by using a lug on the grip to engage and recess into a notch in the bolt. This allows the weapon to be carried safely either loaded or unloaded and provides a drop safety feature.
  13. PipariVaras

    Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    Awesome. Good Job Devs.
  14. PipariVaras

    Weapon Companies Thread

    And Sako have also different cartridges and scope mounts!
  15. PipariVaras

    Coming soon - Escape from Tarkov in-game events!

    Sounds awesome. When event start?