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  1. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Any information regarding soundsystem, other than "its being worked on"?
  2. Soon! The Kill list!

    Tough it was some kind of bounty hunter list when i read the title, that could also be fun..
  3. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Looks great, nice job. Should be interesting to try out, also hope its possible to improve the way game renders when using scopes in the future.. It feels like resolution is very low when looking thru scope at large distance, fps drops, details are scares because of the drawdistance, etc. Bit unposlished in some ways. I dont use scopes very often because of this, but would like to use it more and play more sniper\stealthy just to try different tactics depending on mood.
  4. Edge of Darkness after 28 Dec event

    I say maybe. So, how so.
  5. Edge of Darkness after 28 Dec event

    Come on, you are maybe the reason limited is a word thats meaningless. Plus they say its removed when alpha is finished. So, not only was it limided, they told you when it was supposed to be removed. This is maybe smart bushiness, but do you know why? Its because of people like you where words have no meaning or even sentences , lies are justified as long as cash is king. Im one of a few (it seems) that dosent support this kind of false marketing.
  6. Edge of Darkness after 28 Dec event

    Yea, considering how much it costs, etc. Its bullsh*t. They should replaced it, and cheaper considering "instant access" isnt relevant anymore. I like the game, and didnt mind supporting, i still dont. I like the game even with the issues today. I also think i played so much i dont feel any loss. But im meh and have mixed feeling considering openness and information devs care to share. Impression is they dont give a poo, but are happy you spent money. And if you looking for info thats not been asked 100 times before, bad luck. If you arent really lucky, watch twitch with clean or something, i gotten more info there than forum and facebook etc. That isnt ideal in general, and people who gotten the eod edition is pretty much getting sh*tted on if you did it for the "wrong" reason. That is buy a expensive alpha. And they are not willing to share info outside strict limits, even tho "we dont know" or issues etc are better than the silence.. This is what i hoped not was the case, plus the eod still on sale. Lost allot of respect just because of that... But like i say it was worth it for me, i still got a bad taste in my mouth tho. I dont trust them for 5cents. And its a shame. I expected more. Irony, im still unsure if im gonna buy the game as a gift to someone, or not.
  7. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    My first tough when reading about it in facebook. Current state of the servers are gamebreaking, it will ruin the game if it dosent get better. So, after a year with same old serverissues. Im a bit skeptical open beta will improve connection issues enough. Or that it will get much better right after release. Just lost great gear because of server bull****, same old teleporting player shot 10+ times with bloodsplatter and i die after couple shots. Its getting really old battlestate games, really old.. Im afraid this will be the blow that ruins the whole game if it dont improve drastically in a very short timeline considering these issues seems to be very difficult to fix or even improve... Hope im wrong. When iv had great connection, game gets 10x more fun and rewarding.
  8. Full Auto vs Single Fire

    I use both, depending on mood. Auto for close quarters, and mostly auto everywhere and i just tap manually but i still got the option to spray if needed. Or i go in panic mode when ai spawn behind me.
  9. Aimbot Scavs....Again?

    I think its random, sometimes they can shoot you thru concrete wall from 200 meters with a shotgun, other times you can stand right in front of them but they cant seem to hit you. I also been killed in ways a human player cant do, like thru a concrete wall, dumpster, rifle aiming at the roof but scav is still wrecking me. And so on. Ai, can be a cheating SOB. And they are sick with shotguns, its like their sniper at times.
  10. I hate when im hurt bad my character starts to make allot of noise, and i always wondered why painkillers cant make him shut up and keep going strong without the complaining for the rest of the round. Maybe this could be a future, the amount of painkillers, or one good shot of morphine can affect this?
  11. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Lets hope open beta brings some nice fixes. Tho i think the good old issues will still be present, and no surround.. Only the nice old flat stereo.
  12. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Not sure why bother asking, but.. Will the soundsystem be improved in open beta. Will i finally play with surround again, and hear where people are with the help of sound again? Ps. For thos that dont know. Surround was available for a short while, but a bit bugged. Still, it was better. But they "fixed" disabled it and it returned to what we allays had.
  13. Edge of Darkness after 28 Dec event

    They say it would be removed when game went beta, but that turned out to be a lie. Would not be surprised if its available until launch, or even after. I would have bough it anyways, support project and wanted to play alpha after waiting for a few years.. But im not a huge fan of that type of marketing strategy's.. If it gets removed, something similar will replace it. If not, id be surprised.
  14. Anti aliasing

    nope, not the settings you use for that, but sharpening, etc will kill your performance.
  15. How does a game like EFT get funded?

    Earlyer games, if they sold enugh to invest in this?