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  1. Can someone clarify this translation? I read this as NEXT NY Patch - IE: 2019/2020 - I presume this is incorrect but it seems to insinuate a SECOND patch beyond .11 and I highly doubt we'll see 2 patches in the next 3 weeks.
  2. zdonner


    on the plus side... relaunching the game allowed me to finish the quest. Just cost me $100,000 and 866,000 roubles to turn in $5,000
  3. zdonner


    Same - bought new dollars and even sold guns - final tally was over $100,000 lost to this bug.
  4. Sorry! I forgot this.


  5. Hello! I'd also like access, please. 




    I am one of Tarak's friends.

  6. zdonner

    So I got my first AK

    No wonder you were able to kill all three of them, sounds like you provided a valuable lesson. That is the most Tacticool AK I've ever seen...
  7. zdonner

    New player looking for squad mates

    We have a group that's growing. We have a handfull that play now, we're working to coordinate Operations. PM if you're interested and I can give you the details and you can join us. the-bwc.com KoRnboy
  8. zdonner

    Any American Players?

    Yeah - GA.
  9. I'm finding the use of "better guns" amusing - I just picked up a copy and played for the first time yesterday, so I'm low level but I've find perfectly good weapons in the stores. They may not be complete weapons but I can see the parts needed to finish them in the various vendors. Perhaps it's a matter of perception as to how "good" a weapons is in this case? I'd recommend using what you can and become proficient with it, I found a Saiga-12 and felt like I won the damn lottery. Hell, a pistol with a few spare mags and some skill in operating it will work wonders in the CQB engagements that seem to be rampant.