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  1. get stuck on locationin customs

    once you fall in there is no getting out and we have to just dissconnect losing all gear that isnt insured
  2. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    i know this game is pvpve so i must ask can we get signal devices and other survival items etc airhorns flares flareguns i think i remember seeing white chem-lights at some stage before in loot crates i may be confused with another game and has this been suggested before
  3. Australian (Oceania) Servers?

    feelsbadman crossing my fingers for oc au servers aswell
  4. I was "Left Behind" because... finish the sentence

    because i have low fps on customs and my desync is as real as my 300ms ping
  5. Name of the guy that killed you.

    i disagree you see i dont think the player dying should get a name cause the player doing killing is not getting names of his victim/victims etc nametags another example of whats wrong with the idea if you use silenced weapons and your a distance away a kill feed could alert players to be on their guard and there is players around they would be able to know if people are dead or not without witnessing it would take away from the realism and would let us know if it is ai gunfire or not and whos dead or not its a big NO from me on my third post i like my realism