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  1. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    yeah, smoke grenades, incredible man, this is a good game, yes, but let us all dont act like its the next world wonder
  2. Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    hmmmm, there is no animation of loading the magz? actually you only drag and drop in inventar and it is time consuming, but nothing more? i was hoping you can move and look around while reloading (like in real life, if it necessery). Hope i am not right cause this looks like a not finished part of a way. You guys think about to make it like this to the final release or do you gonna change and add animation for the reloading aswell, so you dont have to look and wait in inventory, so you can reload your mag AND look around what is happening, just like in real life^^
  3. Q&A about 2018 development plans

    Good question. it would totally interest me aswell. better graphics or even destructible stuff or whatever? would love to see an answer to this^^
  4. "Spiel nicht gekauft" - Tarkov nimmt Gamekey nicht an

    ich wusste nicht das man escape wo anders als nur bei ihnen direkt kaufen kann. das man immer wieder probleme mit keys von resellern hat ist nichts neues... hättest mal die 3 euro nicht gespart. ich habe die eod edition direkt bei bsg gekauft und nie irgendein problem gehabt^^
  5. Vebrennt es alles!

    Laber nicht, ist ne Beta, es werden noch viele Wipes kommen.
  6. skill progression lost when dying

    Hello Guys I want to ask if there is a thing like loosing skill progression when you die. Hatchlings, and i have to say i like to play couple rounds hatchlings aswell, would be nerfed in this case. Cause right now there is just no problem and even no reason not to run factory some couple of hatchling rounds. Someone who goes full mounted has always to fear to lose something, why has the hatchlings nothing to lose? A little bit of progression lost in skills would be maybe a reason for some guys not to run hatchlings nonstop. maybe the progression would be always bigger more you dont success a raid. lets say, you lose 5xp when you die first time, if you dont end the next raid you will lose 25, if you dont end the next again you will lose 50 and so go on. in this case people would MAYBE not run only hatchling rounds. i know this game is in beta, i play it for a long time and i can clearly see improvments in all ways (stamina lose by hitting with axe is a good start!) and i know the game will change further and further. Just asking if there is something like this already or planned. thanks guys
  7. So no money no items just a knife now what?

    Reset your profile, you can do that all 2 weeks once. go to the mainpage of EFT, your profile and click on reset. you will have all your start items again... lose all your exp and lvl tough ups, didnt read the whole. in this case..... git gud^^ use the scav mode, its there for it
  8. Scav on Scav killing - Will this be addressed.

    i am not 100% sure but i encountered a lot of times where i played as scav and killed scav and the A.I still didnt shot me. well, i fighted with scav lets say at the start of the map by the factory in customs and the scavs over the bridge didnt shoot me. so i guess only scavs in a close area will fight you if you fight with them
  9. Answering in english, sorry Eft sounds much better. Survarium sounds like recorded in a tunnel or in a closed area
  10. Official Trading Thread

    WTB: -Marked Key -Military Key -15 Tushonka Can give: Fort Armor, Kiever, Fast MT Helmet, Euro Dollar Rubble, my firstborn, second born, whatever you want
  11. Factory exits are stupid

    please, those exits are not stupid, they was all in harvard and all are way above 170 IQ. Doont call them stupid, exits has feelings, too. btw, one is always open.
  12. How do i get a refund?

    love those sales. the devs are getting money, we are getting noobs and easy loot and the analphabetics are stopping to play--->servers getting relaxed. win win for all PS: next time READ what you buy, pal
  13. ** Server Matching Times

    I have no clue about those stuff. Is this new server thing something to accomplish in 24 hours or in 1 week? Real question
  14. Traders loyalty

    Hello Guys I wanted to ask you how you guys handle the whole mission stuff. is there a "best way" to do it? specially about those missions which are decreasing loyalty by other traders (skier mission 2 lowering prapor and therapist 0.25 loyalty). so my question is, how you guys doing it? do you dont care about it and just rush the missions or you have a tactic? greetz
  15. Official Trading Thread

    anybody selling 2 flash drives? i just cant find them, trying so much runs at woods. so, if anybody is willing to sell his 2 flashdrives, send me a message please