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  1. WhiskeyTreats

    How is this possible?

    Legit the most awkward gun fight, i had an ak 103 with T rounds. Fighting this other kid with a mosin and nothing else. Took 14 bullets, 660 damage delt. How was that guy tanking that many shots? The 14th bullet killed him.. 14 shots..
  2. WhiskeyTreats

    Is this normal?

    I love the kids who say "Armor is OP" Ive been 1 shotted wearing full gear plenty of times.
  3. Past 2 days I go into raids, and scavs and people teleport. And the servers freezes for a short time. Also Ive peeked people and unpeek into cover and die 1.5 seconds later. Not sure whats up with that, but hope its gets sorted out fast.
  4. WhiskeyTreats

    Looking for someone to play with

    Hey, we have a discord with members that play frequently. Come join! https://discord.gg/gwbX7j
  5. WhiskeyTreats

    Wait, this is a thing?

    Went in as a player scav, and spawned with a rolex. Whats up with that lmao. OP
  6. WhiskeyTreats

    Fall damage is bugged

    Anybody else getting their legs broken falling from small heights? Like I had a blacked out leg and I fell 2 ft and died. What is this lol.
  7. WhiskeyTreats

    Kill trading.

    A game doesn't have to be hitscan to have no kill trading. Lots of games that arn't hitscan don't have kill trading.
  8. WhiskeyTreats

    Kill trading.

    Ive had this happen to me this patch about 4 times, me and a guy get into a gun fight and we both kill each other. Getting kinda ridiculous.
  9. WhiskeyTreats

    reduce scav cooldown

    You don't lose gear in offline mode.
  10. WhiskeyTreats

    How long till your Anti cheat software comes into play?

    Ive been killed by that godmode glitch many times. You just need to get over it like the rest of us.
  11. WhiskeyTreats

    This needs to be addressed, please watch.

    Will do
  12. WhiskeyTreats

    This needs to be addressed, please watch.

    Yep, eventually pushed him to where I could run threw.
  13. Alright, this is about the 3rd time this has happened to me. A guy camps factory exit with godmode on. This time the guy doesn't have a gun or doesn't try to kill me. Instead just blocks the exit. Here's the clip. Ps: I ended up pushing him far enough that I got threw
  14. WhiskeyTreats

    This needs to stop.

    Yea, Ive had a couple forums closed due to talking about cheaters. Its like they don't care lol.
  15. WhiskeyTreats

    This needs to stop.

    This is the second time where a guy with godmode camps in extraction and waits. I ran in and see a usec with a shotgun and I shot him 6 times with a 153 in the chest. And he just stands still and takes it, and then kills me. First time by [REMOVED] , and now [REMOVED]. Please get better anti cheat. Ruining the game and its not fun.