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  1. germanwarrior

    LFG UK - New Player - Casual / Semi Serious

    If ya still looking you can hit me up. Not a huge serious player but im getting along pretty well maybe i can help ya out https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061792105/
  2. germanwarrior

    Delivery from the Past. part 2 Need help

    GermanFox https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061792105/ You can hit me up and we can figure out a time and ill help ya
  3. I basicly just want to know when Wipes will occour and will there be Frequent Wipes after the full release? For me i dont want to keep grinding for stuff when i know in 2 Months it will all be gone. For me it defeats the purpouse. Im not a try harder or play the game for 5 Hours a Day so getting the good stuff is taking me some time. Im in no means a horder of Items but i dont want to waste Hours and Hours trying to grind for a Goshan key when its all for nothing. I know Wipes are important in the current Development Stage but having a rought time estimate would be nice. Also of course the Question is will we still experience Wipes once the Game is in a full Release? Id hope not...
  4. germanwarrior

    Test Keys

    Wäre echt geil wenn die ENtwikler noch ein paar Test Keys raushauen könnten. Hab die EOD Version seid der Closed Alpha konnte aber keine meiner Freunde vom Spiel Überzeugen... Nachdem ich ihnen aber meine Test Keys gegeben habe waren sie vom Spiel begeistert! Habe aber noch knapp 3 Freunde die ich überzeugen muss. Deswegen wären noch ein paar Keys Super!
  5. germanwarrior

    Genause Datum für Test Keys?

    Moin hatte das spiel lange nicht mehr aufm schirm habe aber gerade mitbekommen das die Alpha Tester zwei 7 Tage Test Keyes bekommen. Wäre geil wenn ich Freunde von diesem Spiel überzeugen könnte. Weiß jemand das genaue Datum wann diese ausgeh#ndigt werden oder kommen die mit dem Beta Test Patch?
  6. Omg i would die to stream EFT but my Monitor broke Feels bad man... Interrested to see what people will make of it!
  7. germanwarrior

    Lets See Your Guns!

    I am soooo jealous!!! In Germany myself and they take Guns so serious... No joke but even an Softair Rifle counts as actual firearm. I have to keep it in a locked case not allowed to wear it public bla bla bla... Its redicioules. And sadly i love Guns. So softair is as good as i can do as its also impossible to get a liscence here... Owning Scar L,UMP,Glock 17,CZ 75D,ICS PAR MK3 (M4 reamagining) Feeling like the little boy whit my toys between all those real guns. Merica ill soon come