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  1. jamsey700

    The Traders Greed event is over

    just release the wipe already people are saying "don't rush take time for good update" but every single update they done is still pretty bad with issues anyway so doesnt matter if they take ti slow same results so just release it now.
  2. コントローラーのプラグを抜き、マウスが機能するかどうか確認してみてください
  3. jamsey700

    Map website

    Looks good!
  4. jamsey700

    how to uninstall the game

    goto C:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher and try the unins000.exe to uninstall
  5. jamsey700

    The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    just waiting to get access cant wait am hyped!
  6. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    waves should be over by the 4th or 5th august
  7. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    I believe if you upgrade your edition then that edition pre order date will change it will not go on your previous preorder date.
  8. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    You don't have any of the editions pre ordered / bought you can't enter the closed beta if you don't buy it
  9. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    yay!! hype hype hype
  10. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    its got realz!
  11. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    lol impatient cant wait a few days
  12. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    For those who are asking for the patch notes they are already released back in page 16... We are glad to present you the preliminary list of changes in the patch 0.2.6*.2**, after which Escape from Tarkov will enter the stage of closed beta testing. Added: Major quality changes of weather system Character sliding on steep slopes and angled surfaces Shoreline location (half of location at the moment) Optimizations: RAM consumption optimization Animation system optimization Balancing changes at Customs and Factory locations AI optimizations: Bots won'tbe able to see perfectly through grass Added voice phrases for different situations Changed sniper firing rate depending on distance to target (shots grow rare as distance grows) Bots now react to sounds of opening doors and crates Player becomes more noticeable to bots when firing Added bot reactions to getting hit Bots can now check the bodies - If the body belongs to PMC character, bot can fire a security round - If the body is that of a Scav from the same group, he could attempt search for the killer Fixed: Bug with ambient sounds that could cause their disappearance "Moon effect" in scope at different FoV settings Bug that prevented items attached to weapon from being insured Bug that made character stuck in axe swing animation Bug that set character movement speed to 0 after searching some of the crates Visual fixes of global chat Visual fixes related to bullet flight Bug that disabled time of day selection in the Offline game Various interface fixes Changed: Improvements of charater movement control and physics
  13. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Nope Closed Beta everyone has to buy it the whole point of open beta is for those who don't want to pay the money to try the game out google what open beta is
  14. jamsey700

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    goes into open beta for the public who hasn't bought it to play.