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  1. PewPewDude

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Very cool! Despite the hate, this game deserves it. It is so darn good.
  2. PewPewDude

    Mag Drills skill -- Working or nah?

    That has me thinking... I wonder what the gain would be if I went in raid with a couple 60 round mags, empty, and just filled them... I may have to try that...
  3. PewPewDude

    Create a humorous inscription for the screenshot!

    "I picked a heck of a day to quit drinking."
  4. PewPewDude

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    When it's ready. Not the answer you want, but the only one we will get till patch day.
  5. PewPewDude

    Everyone is a camper in EFT

    Nope. I camp so I don't have to. One head shot is usually all it takes from any decent round. Fast MT might take 2 to 3.
  6. PewPewDude

    Everyone is a camper in EFT

    The camping is only gonna be more prevalent once the patch hits because kids like you won't be able to instantly reload an empty mag because you keep spraying everywhere. This might not be the game for you, bud.
  7. PewPewDude


  8. PewPewDude

    Shiny new items

    Seriously, guys. you're weapon modeling abilities is something truly amazing. Never have I seen such detail before in a game. My favorite part of the game is going into the mod menu and tinkering with a weapon. So good. Thank you!
  9. PewPewDude

    Looking for friends!

    LOL. I wish. Unfortunately I am at work and unable to play. =P
  10. PewPewDude

    Looking for friends!

    I look forward to getting shot in the face by you out in the battle field.
  11. PewPewDude

    What recording program do you use?

    Shadow play for me as well. My 1080 loves it. =P
  12. PewPewDude

    This is us

    If I told a cop here in Cheyenne I had a gun in my car, We would likely end up talking for 30 min on why we chose what we did and the pro's and con's of said weapons. LOL
  13. PewPewDude

    This is us

    People here in the states do lose their civil liberty of being allowed to have a weapon if they are convicted of a felony. So we already have some things in place. =P I do agree on the classes though. Proper handling of a weapon should be mandatory.
  14. PewPewDude

    This is us

    In my countries defense, That does not happen that often. Most of us are responsible with out weapons.
  15. PewPewDude

    This is us

    So inaccurate. We shoot first. THEN ask questions. =P