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  1. Too hard for beginners???

    Best advice I can give to newer players is to play in a group, and it's better if you play with experienced players.
  2. impressions from 1yr+ owners of EFT

    The moment I saw that Alpha Action Gameplay trailer like a year ago, I knew I was going to like this game. A year later, and I'm still playing this game religiously. EFT has seriously gotten everything I ever wanted in a tactical / survival shooter. I rarely play any other games right now. The game has definitely developed a lot after a year or so. IMO, the best thing I like that they continued working on are the AI Scavs. I get so frustrated with a lot of other games today where they don't put much effort in making good AI, everything is just either shoddily done AI or the focus is purely on multiplayer.
  3. Factory Scavengers and consistency

    I noticed this too. I think it's to prevent people from farming Factory as groups too easily, but also to give solo players a hard time to loot everything in peace. We must also remember the devs said playing solo is suppose to be real hard and group play is encouraged. Either way, this may not be a final thing. Game is always changing right now since it's still in Beta.
  4. Personally, I think this is main reason why full auto is so great in EFT or even in other shooter games. It's because of how efficient it is in taking out an armored target. Semi just won't cut it if you want to put the person in armor down real quick. I'm one of those guys in EFT who actually love using semi on all the rifles, but somewhat forced to use full auto because it's just quicker to put a guy in Fort Armor down.
  5. Zombie mode?

    I don't mind, but the zombie AI and behavior needs to be REALLY good. Something like Dying Light's zombies. Personally however, I want mutants / monsters instead zombies.
  6. Cant catch a break in this game

    @Alkite Playing solo, of course it's gonna be hard as how you explained. If you plan on taking on the entire raid by yourself, it's going to be that difficult. All of the troubles you mentioned can be easily avoided if you play as a group. Also, I for one like the Scavs the way there are. I actually want them to roam about the map even more.
  7. The cooperation with Datacam company

    I'm not sure, but I think it's the 9A-91. It's got some attachments on it I've never seen before so I'm a bit confused.
  8. is it me or is factory not loading?

    There's certainly something wrong with Factory matchmaking. It's taking very long for me to get into a Factory raid too.
  9. Turning off shadows and other graphics

    Probably not, because I think the devs want to make sure it isn't exploited. There isn't even a gamma/brightness setting in the game.
  10. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Very nice. Thanks BSG.
  11. EFT vs PUBG

    EFT all the way. PUBG is more simple and casual. If you like that sort of shooter, then yeah get PUBG.. It's the best battle royale shooter right now I'd say.
  12. The Oceania server started!

    Keep in mind people, there was news saying that undersea cables around SEA have been damaged by typhoons. It is the reason why everybody connecting from SEA right now are having terrible connections.
  13. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    I dunno. I just jumped in the game just to see and it was night and day difference. It was just Factory though, didn't try the other maps.
  14. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    Thank you very much! Finally! I just tried a game in Factory. No desync and lag, everything was superb.
  15. Why are there no women in Tarkov?

    Too much unnecessary effort to make women in the game. They would have to make separate models for all the gear just for female models, and that would just take more time. Time, which can be used to model even more weapons and gear.