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  1. Hey Beta players, read this!

    It's not a Beta issue because it was always present since the earliest testable/playable builds. Of course they're still going to work on this regardless of which step they're in on the road to gold.
  2. Hey Beta players, read this!

    That's not a Beta issue. It's always been present and there's no indication the developers will have a solution to this problem anytime soon. Let's not get into the habit of lying to the community.
  3. Escape from Meh

    The AI has never truly been any good, the desynchronization/networking issues have always been there (and no improvement has been made on that front either) ... and while they have added a handful of weapons over the past six months, that is not what most would consider meaningful content. The least, most polite thing you can say about BSG is they take their sweet-ass time to release worthwhile updates.
  4. Escape from Meh

    Honestly, the best decision you could have made at this point. I stopped playing shortly after the pre-beta update came out because it not only felt repetitive and pointless, but also like there wasn't much progress being made on the content and features side of things, and it saddens me to see they've barely added anything to this new update, and yet they had the balls to call it a Beta. This game is nowhere near feature complete and ready for bug fixing prior to going Gold (that's what Beta is supposed to be), so I'm beginning to wonder if they're preparing to pull a fast one on the community... Anyway, all that to say that you're not wrong to go back to STALKER. If you haven't, check out Call of Chernobyl (on modDB).