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  1. HaytaHurta55

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  2. HaytaHurta55

    Anyone experiencing connecting issues.

    Yes. Very bad ones. Ive waited a total of 2 hours to get into servers today and no luck. And im not getting any loot from bots or anything. Something is wierd
  3. HaytaHurta55

    Media kit

    @AgonyRanch what do you mean you can put in 72? And dang @LoudHawk youre probably right. Thanks for the responses so quick though guys!!!!
  4. HaytaHurta55

    Media kit

    Ive seen alot of people on youtube with media kits (extra weapons, rare weapons, attachments, etc.) Is there any way I can get one? Ive put about 23 hours in the game and have only had it for 3 days haha. Just thought I'd ask! Thank you for your time. By the way its been one of my favorite games to play. Feels like most triple A titles and its not even done. Thank you for the passion!