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  1. 200 IQ type of plays

    Sorry if this was not the place to post a vid. But i could not find where to post thanks.
  2. Steel Rain

    We are still taking in new members for our group Steel Rain, please all we ask is to know general call outs and to play fair. We mainly play the bigger maps. And we run no more then a group of 4 but we mainly run in 3s. Please leave me your name and I’ll pm you the discord if interested. (EU) (NA) are welcome. Also tell me your best map and what type of gear do you normally run. Plzzzzzz no knife runners. Also leave your current in game level aswell. And finally how long have you been playing the game. twitch.tv/fearthekingtv youtube-xFearTheKingx Check these out to see if my game play matches yours. Hope you all enjoy your day and happy Tarkov, you cheeky people.
  3. Hacker or not you tell me

    people in klean chat told us to stop crying and that it was Dsnyc lol
  4. Hacker or not you tell me

    sorry to the devs is this is not the place i just wanted to post this so you can get a look at the name i have many more vids like this, and i would like to knw where to share them to ? https://clips.twitch.tv/SavoryShakingSwordPanicBasket
  5. Hightlights

  6. Hightlights

    Where is the appropriate location to upload highlights here on the forms so my comment section is not blocked by an admin ??? ive been posting them in off topic is this not right? please help thanks
  7. 1v2

    yea i have better loot in my gi,, im just in love with this game and get hype as i said lol, i mainly do woods and customs and factory when its night time, im also sitting on 80% success rate,
  8. 1v2

    i just really like them i get exited about everything its just how i am lol
  9. 1v2

  10. Dreams

    I try to escape from reality to immerse myself more into the game, I try and imagine actually being stuck in Tarkov and fighting to escape, Like some specal ops type of stuff and i love it,this game by far has alot to live up to and i myself cant wait for this game to come out, I also stop streaming just to play this game, so in the near future i will be giving out copies of this game once the NDA is lifted, Till then happy hunting guys. Also i want to know how some of you guys play, Run and gun style (COD),strategic, Camp like a sniper let me knw i would love to hear it,thanks everyone just a little bored today lol
  11. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    can i hop in to see how it is then join???
  12. Wallpapers

    can someone make me an overlay for twitch and please wait for servers for twitch over lay for this game
  13. Wallpapers

    this looks amazing great work
  14. Wallpapers

    This gave me an idea, What do u guys think of holding a contest for whoever makes the best screen saver winner gets steam gift card or maybe this game for free??? anyone down for this idea let me know if i should do something like this.
  15. "If I was in Tarkov, I would ..." Continue this sentence.

    If i was in Tarkov i would be in trouble because i dont know any Russian. Good one....