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  1. Killing an other Scav-Player

    I like what Natalino said on the matter. PMCs should work together because they were once military but now abandoned and left to rot. It's understandable if PMCs team up to try to survive their ordeal but SCAVs are the middle man that have no code of honor. What they see, they want and they will take it by any means necessary.
  2. Details on the NDA lift on March 24, 2017

    The day is almost upon us! Soon we shall show the world all different types of play styles. Fast paced runners to slow creepers. Guns-a-blazin' to hatchet wielding. Low supplied stash to Scrooge McDuck status.
  3. Finally the curse will be lifted! Fantastic News!!
  4. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Hyper Drive activated!
  5. Pax East

    I'm taking a day off from EFT and heading out for Pax East. Have yourselves a great day and have fun trying to Esacpe from Tarkov! For anyone that doesn't know what Pax East is, it's short for Penny Arcade Expo (East being that it's the expo on the east coast of the US. As of the last 5 or 6 years it's been held in Boston, MA). Penny Arcade also have a few other locations they will be at later this year. If you're interested in going to a gaming expo, check out the link. You'll be able to navigate to the other PAX from that link as well.
  6. Why I think third person would be a game breaker

    Definitely not looking forward to 3rd person. I don't mind 3rd person shooters. I've played games that allowed both 1st/3rd person perspective since Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior to Arma 3 but I feel it will take away from the awesome emersion BSG has created with EFT with their FPS. Not to mention 3rd person isn't realistic. Soldiers that know an enemy is around a corner can't suddenly turn on 3rd person. They have real life tools they can use like mirrors, cameras or even lean and peak around the corner but not switch into some sort of 3rd person perspective to kill their target. I know there will be separate servers for 3rd person and I heard they will make it so you can't progress your XP or save any gear but I just hope if some sort of exploit comes out where you can use 3rd on an 1st person server, then they should just do away with 3rd all together. Obviously we won't know what to expect until they implement 3rd person perspective and give testers a good whack at finding any issues.
  7. TT pistol

    The TT reminds of me of the Colt 1911. Both high powered with low round magazines. Both guns will stop anyone if their tracks if the shooter is accurate.
  8. Good read. Thanks for the Lore.
  9. Escape From Tarkov Emissar innovation!

    Hi Devs, Mods and Tarkovians. I would like to be considered for an Emissar position. I know there are a few from the US but I could be your Emissar from the North East US. I've played FPS games since Doom and Duke Nukem 3D came out on PC. I have over 4k hours played between Arma 2 and Arma 3. I am good with fostering teamwork since I've been a clan leader, for many years, for an xbox live clan called Fight Club (eventually becoming Fight Club X in the latter years). Believe it or not, we played and beat the well known all female Ubisoft clan, Frag Dolls, in a few clan matches on Ghost Recon and on Rainbow Six Black Arrow (both titles were on the original xbox). We played from the original xbox through the lifespan of xbox 360. I've played many clan matches and tournaments for most Tom Clancy title games within the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series. The best I had played in a tournament was during a Microsoft tournament for Ghost Recon Island Thunder in which my partner and I had played 4th in the world. I'm like most gamers that have played games in Alpha and Beta state but this is the first game I've actually been vested in and cared enough to do more than just play the game but to take the time to submit bug reports as well as help other players. I've joined the EFT community early January 2017. Since having joined, I've tried to be as helpful as I can on the forums as well as the EFT Discord channel. I've helped in other social mediums like answering questions for streamers viewers, during their streams, so they can continue to stream and so the questions can be answered promptly. I was even translating my english comments to french (using googe translate) during a stream, so the french viewers knew what I was saying. It was a known issue but I was the first to post an official bug report on the forum and through the bug reporting system, of the Factory exit wall that can be used to see through the map to kill players/AI. I have found more bugs, that I need to post detailed reports for, that I assume are known but I haven't seen a detail report posted on the forums. I'm in the EFT Discord channel just about every day during the week (when I'm not working) talking to others about EFT. Sharing experiences as well as asking and answering questions. I like to post fun stuff in the Off Topic section and tunes in the music section. I've helped an Emissar, Don Damage, get his game running (back before the last big patch and hotfix) using information I've seen on the forums on how to delete certain files and then load the game via the launcher to replace said files. I was in twitch streams helping to direct fellow EFT players, that were having issues downloading the newest patch, to the EFT Discord channel and forums to get technical support during the day the patch released. I had also directed players in the discord channel to use the link/info that was pinned in discord, to download the patch. I've even met players in game to give them a Factory Key because they were having too much trouble obtaining one on their own. All in all, I think EFT is a great game and I would love to help new players, and soon to be new players, understand how great it is. Anything I can do to help the cause, I will do. Thank you very much for your time and possible consideration. Even if I'm not chosen to be an Emissar, I will still do everything I can to help the EFT community.
  10. My question is a little off topic from this post but, will BSG be at Pax East in Boston, MA, USA next Friday, March 10th? I'd love to stop by the booth and shake some hands.
  11. When you get a chance can you help me out with Discord. I was playing the fishy game with MuffinBomber and I got banned from the EFT Discord for spamming I guess.

  12. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    Can one of the Mods help me out. I was playing the fish game with MuffinBomber and #botconsole banned me from Discord.
  13. Lobby Screen Characters

    I doesn't bother me. I just think it would be cool to see everyone's characters all geared up and what kind of weapons your team is running with. Plus it gives a little bit of a tactical edge if your team is coordinated and ready to raid before the raid starts.
  14. Lobby Screen Characters

    I was playing with a couple of friends and we always start the match out asking what each other looks like and what guns we are using to help us identify friendlies. I had an for idea for the lobby screen when players group up. It would be cool if when you're in the lobby, as you group up, group members characters show on the screen to the left of your character. So if you max your group out at 5, you'll see all 5 characters on the screen before the game is started by the Leader. That way the group members can see what the others look like.