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  1. Asking about that key to spare before 6th january
  2. MojitoHappiness

    Escape from Tarkov book

    I was excited about book, but bonus weapons ? Really ? Im not saying it's pay to win, but it's another pay for easier start. Also it's e-book and i was counting so much on physical copy.
  3. MojitoHappiness

    Official Trading Thread

    BUYING: Checkpoint key SELLING : customs key 110 key 203 key 204 key Portable cabin key 220 key 303 key 315 key Gas station storage key 206 key East 222 key Machinery key Car key san 222 key san 306 key 2x flash drive USB Salewas
  4. MojitoHappiness

    Official Trading Thread

    smooth deal, 0 problems. +rep
  5. MojitoHappiness

    Official Trading Thread

    You can easilly ask for gamma container. Factory key is worth about 1m roubles
  6. MojitoHappiness

    Usb flash

    Okay. I've been trying to get usb flash drives for 8 hours straight and couldn't find them either on woods and customs tents. Is there new spawn or I'm missing something?
  7. MojitoHappiness

    Official Trading Thread

    he didn't scam me tho got portable cabin key and 4 morphines from him without problem
  8. MojitoHappiness

    Official Trading Thread

    +rep very good user and trader
  9. MojitoHappiness

    Official Trading Thread

    +rep very good user and trader
  10. MojitoHappiness

    M4 Railgun

    Let it be cat toy.
  11. MojitoHappiness

    What recording program do you use?

    OBS masterrace!
  12. MojitoHappiness

    Woods PMC run 71k exp

    71k, wow that's amazing man.
  13. MojitoHappiness

    On a positive note

    Man, I love this game and its concept since i heard of it, i got alpha access myself and was so happy about it. I hope they keep doing this wonderful job and make it to its finish without any problem. My only apprehension is skins, the thing i hate the most in every nowadays game.
  14. Today i tried to shot myself with various weapons on offline mode to check which weapon can hit me in the legs and unlike in alpha version i couldn't do it anymore. Is it just me ?