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  1. B0oN

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    I love the sound of Mjoelnir swinging and obliterating fools in the morning <3 BSG, keep wrecking them fools ! Stay safe, sneak well .
  2. B0oN

    Game is too unfriendly to new players

    Is EfT a RPG ? I don't think so, it´s a grim-dark representation of what could easily be happening on this globe . Besides, the way we are playing this right now is just it´s testingbed, cvause once EfT goes live, we all have to Escape first, solo or coop, only AFTER that escaping has happened we will go into PvP mode and by that point we will ALL have tons of loot and high-as-a-mountain skills . Right now it´s brutal, on everyone . Be the highlevel player, fully geared and run with the possibility of permanently loosing some stuff or plainly wrecking face all around . Or Be the noobie with nothing on him and just die ignominiously, over and over again or go in, fight smart, have some luck and get out fully loaded . Those possibilities WILL ALWAYS be there in this game called EfT, no matter how far you got and how good you are . What you want is molly-coddling and being taken by the hand in a safezone, and I can tell you upfront that that is very unlikely to happen . EfT will be downright brutal, heavily challenging and downright abysmally frustrating at time . I got no qualms with that, in fact, I´m looking forward to it, because I want to test myself from time to time to keep that grey matter upstairs on its tippytoes and properly challenged, hardcore . I don´t like easymode, in fact I despise it, because it makes people go soft in their habits . P.s.: If you´re that desparate for a relaxing DM experience, go Scav and loot´n scoot to your heart´s extent, I do it too, no shame in that because right now the techbase is still in a wonky state overall and doesn´t quite work correctly, so random outcomes occur on a frustratingly regular basis . So go out there, fight like you´d fight for your life, with all your wits and strength and don´t care too much for your gear or progress, its still only TESTING TIME, ok ? The release game will be A LOT DIFFERENT THAN IT IS RIGHT NOW . Stay safe, hardcore well .
  3. B0oN

    Game is too unfriendly to new players

    Dear Sir, this game is unfriendly TO EVERYONE, as was intended by the creators and hoped for by many players . Stay safe, sneak well .
  4. B0oN

    Hatchling butchering

    Hatchlings are valid targets . Valid targets get shot at and killed . It´s a dog eat dog world out there . Saty safe, sneak well .
  5. Spiel ein paar erfolgreiche Scav Runden und dein Konto sollte sich von dem Tiefschlag wieder erholen, Tommy . Und ich kann absolut nicht empfehlen sich ausgerechnet an DayZ ein Beispiel zu nehmen … 6 Jahre Stillstand sind kaum vorbildlich, oder ? Stay safe, cash well .
  6. Bei den paar mal die ich gespielt habe seither, konnte ich aufgrund von Desynch und fehlenden Sounds keine eindeutig schlüssige Meinung bilden . Also werde ich weiterhin warten, bis die technische Basis mal auf vernünftig spielbares Niveau zurückgebracht wurde, dann kann ich vielleicht urteilen . Stay safe, sneak well .
  7. B0oN

    Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

    Wann kann ich mein Tomahawk gezielt und stilvoll jemanden an die Birne donnern, sagen wir aus so 5-10 metern Distanz, Cyvver ? ´s wäre meine einzige Frage zu dem guten Stück ^^ Stay safe, throw sharp things well .
  8. B0oN

    Keeping offline mode, and why.

    You guys know that in the full release game there will not only be compasses, but also radios and other neat stuff like differently coloured armbands, traps, explosives, etc. etc . ? I don´t really think that we will need offline mode anymore at that point of time and honestly said there will be bugs in any piece of finished software, so having offline mode just for that ? Hmmm, I´m not convinced, not by a long shot . By the way : on release we will have to fight out of Tarkov in storymode anyway before being able to go at each other, furthermore there will be co-op mode throughout storymode so you can have better people (in terms of FPS capabilities) show you the ins and outs while levelling your character and amassing gear . Mind you, these infos are "iirc" and off the top of my head, so if something´s wrong, go ahead and correct me (preferentially with links) . Stay safe, fear less .
  9. B0oN

    Why patch the game during the weekend?

    WEll, then just post all of the glitch findings on YT and try to give em some traction so those things get fixed faster . If BSG doesn't take bugreports too serious, pop em online and lean back . Still no reason to be salty, bitchy or whatever .
  10. B0oN


    Was is´n in dem Patch drinne, weißt Du da vielleicht was ? Stay safe, patch well .
  11. B0oN

    Why patch the game during the weekend?

    So you obviously don't know the saying "fix one bug, introduce at least six new" ? Chill, kevin, eventually this game will be good, until then you need to be more of a scientist and report issues rather than act like a spoiled and entitled little brat . Stay safe, sneak well.
  12. B0oN

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon!

    You know it from freerunning, I know it from nearly 30 years of skateboarding, snowboarding, inlineskating (thanks K2 and Razors <3) and downhill mountainbiking that the only thing saving us is enough forward momentum, but it is still painful to drop from that high . My most painful yet memorable landings were a 16 or 18 (cant clearly remember, its more than 20 years already Oo) stairset on a skateboard and a 5 or 6 meter high flat-landing via completely overshooting a funbox on inlines (damn photographers on the 3x3x3meters box made me push rather hard ) in DIV finals in Munich . On bike I had several occasions of jumping further than 15 meters which always made me touch my rearwheel with my poor backside on the landing compression which always hurt like a you-know-what ^^ Even with paratrooping experience all that weight on our playercharacters is gonna hurt when parkouring Stay safe, run well .
  13. B0oN

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon!

    Try jumping off a 6meter high roof in real, then please report back from your hospital to us what you broke Don't forget to fill your backpack and don your body armour, since we wanna stay "Tarkov-style" ^^ My bet is at least one ankle, with a 40%+ possibility for femoral neck fracture too, maybe the one or the other splintered shin and some dislocated patellae . Stay safe, land well .
  14. B0oN

    Develolpers diary: TSNIITOCHMASH Report

    Technical question for sound recording : Why not mount binaural microphone(s) (or just 2 monomics on either side to mix them together for a stereosound) to the shooter so the soundscape is perfectly captured from 1st person view besides the normal micing ? Stay safe, record well .
  15. B0oN


    Scavs are livin´ inna "dog eat dog" world, Tony . Nothing to see here, guys, keep movin ...