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    The mother of a friend of mine is Iranian . She was in the Iranian Guards as a Medic and also saw combat, in which she seemed to have excelled, since she was awarded a medal for her actions that she proudly showed us . Nowadays that same lady is a vendor of tobacco right around the corner of where I live and is quite the charming lady, I still wouldn´t really want to mess with her, though . Tl, Dr : Females are beasts in combat, don´t ever doubt that guys . Or did you forget the Amazons ? ^^
  2. B0oN

    Shoreline is DEAD

    Please be so kind and exclude me from your "all" . Your descriptions don´t even start to fit me . And on Sherpa´s : I see them as mentors/teachers and as such they also should teach morality inside the EfT context as reference frame, not only how to min-max . Stay safe, Aussie well .
  3. B0oN

    Shoreline is DEAD

    A Sherpa as Haussier/Baissier to drive up the prices in Tarkov´s fleamarket system ? I don´t really like that kind of greedy attitude, especially not in somebody who "should be" showing others the "ropes" . If that´s what you show them beginners, I feel the "Sherpa" system has already failed .
  4. Manu, hast du EfT komplett neu installiert nach´m HW-Upgrade ?
  5. B0oN

    ammo PS 7.62 ratio abused

    Ever heard of buckshot ? I know that that gets down loads of birds . Contest over . Back to topic : No, leave PS ammo as is, beginners need something that´s capable of helping against "all those mega geared guys in 5man teams " .
  6. B0oN

    Sorry for the delay

    Thanks for all the hard work, but really remember to take breaks . We need you guys fit for some time longer, y´know
  7. B0oN

    Little update for you

    Good to hear that improvements and additions are being made . Give it to us, we shall be your labrats, as usual
  8. It´s 3 NVMe SSD´s fully stacked with a new netcode for BSG to implement, developed by an outsider group of legendary netcode-smiths ?
  9. Was zahlstn für a goldene TT von dem ScavBoss ? Hätte eine, die nur Staub ansetzt P.s.: Wo hastn´ g´schaut ? Neue Tanke und Dorms hängt der Schlingel gerne ab, könnte sich aber durchn Event auch woanders hin verzogen haben, des weiß ich ned genau, da ich schon über´n Monat keine Customs mehr gespielt hab .
  10. B0oN


    Reading is so unkewl and overrated in 2018 …
  11. B0oN

    Doppelte XP

    Naa, des is ned so mei Bier .
  12. B0oN

    Some ideas (Personal prefference)

    1: coming 2: coming 3: unknown 4: no need, server will tell us if we cheated, we cant . 5: yea 6: would be nice, but first gimme a working technical base (fluidly working netcode without exemptions^^) 7: just memorise your team and how it looks, but IIRC "coming" 8: hmmm, would be nice but really low on priority list 9:would be nice, but nothing really needed, low priority 10: main menu is okay-ish, especially the moving background, I actually like that .
  13. B0oN


    And that's the good point about helmets … I mean BATTLERIFLE … there´s not much that will be coming after that for our greedy, calloused operator´s hands, eh ^^ By the way of talking about helmets, battlerifles and the likes, maybe somebody in here can answer me a riddle small ? Why does the SV98 not perform to the likes of SKS or Mosin, or even better ? Seen too many players and AI´s just nonchalantly walk away from a friendly SV98 tap to the dome to not be irritated by that .
  14. Der Rest soll sich gleich die neuesten Cheats kaufen und BSG wieder mehr Leine an die Hand geben … ganz klar ne böööse, böse Fallstrick-taktik seitens BSG, mwahahaha . Gut geschwungen, der Banhammer, hammer ruhig mal noch´n paar in Grun´n´Bowd´n
  15. B0oN

    Group sizes = Unfair

    FTFY, so it´s less obtuse ´n still conveys the point