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  1. The end game sucks badly

    That´s cute in a weird way or was it weird in a cute way ? I can´t really decide Anyway... let´s see in about a year or so if one us two nobody´s was right, right ? Stay safe, collect well .
  2. PVP event has started!

    Blackb1rd ... can has flawlessly working netcode for that first, please thanks kool , byeeee Stay safe, kill well .
  3. Insurance is completely absurd

    Just let your loot go, you shouldn´t be attached to it in the first place anyway since we are playing a game that is biased towards us, the players, dying . Stay safe, let go well .
  4. Limit fps to 60

    iirc EfT´s animations work best at 60 FPS, could be misremembering something there though ... Stay safe, render fast and well .
  5. Well modded guns, rifle- and recoil skills plus personal experience ... aye, it´s harder now.
  6. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

    Comtac´s too imperialistic to fit into communist itemcase ? Stay safe, stack well .
  7. Laser Rangefinder

    If laserfinders, then immediately give unto us unbroken Kestrel´s . Stay safe, laserfind well .
  8. D-sync frustration

    Baseline of telling ppl to not post about dsynchi breeki anymore is just plain this : the Dev´s are aware of our plight and crusade hard to get us (and their fiscal "sheep") into the promised land . Yes, I get that you are frustrated, as are a ton of other players, me included . But, do you see me spam the same problem over and over again just because the Devs aren´t slaving away fast enough for my taste ? Nope, you wont . Why ? I reported the problem at hand via the launcher´s inbuilt bug-issue tracker, chimed in in a few of the more beginner-like-looking threads where I saw it necessary to allay people´s fear (they´ll never fix it "!!!! this game is doomed!!!1 all that stooped ducking yaddayadda that's always around when something isn´t working right) and besides that was hoping with all my might that the next raid would have less desynchi-murder-face-wonders and more of that lovely gameplay when it´s fluid (drooool <3 ), but sometimes you lose ... and sometime the enemy wins . Stay calm and escape on . P.s.: Afaik BSG will fix that eventually, they are pride-driven like that with their beloved baby, so give them programming´ lads a bit of leeway, but not enough to make them to get complacent, eh Stay safe, network well .
  9. Try Scavving on Shoreline, fellow escapers . Can be so much more lucrative . Stay safe, Scav well .
  10. Don´t worry, today I had instances where I shot players in the face with an SV98 only for them to turn and run away like nothing even happened ... Y´know, it´s called de-synchi breeki . It makes you seem to be aware of an unaware dude, but funny thing is : about 4 seconds ago that "unaware" dude just looked rooooooooight at´cha and started spraying ... only the server forgot to tell YOU . So you react on "old" stuff that´s been out of the window for at least 3 seconds if not longer . As I said in the opening, DONT WORRY . BSG knows and they work on fixing that issue . Stay safe, sneak well .
  11. looting lag/stash lag solved maybe

    Something like ... "I used mouse XYZ before, now with mouse ABC everything´s Gucci !" might be helpful, dontcha think ? Stay safe, loot well .
  12. Exactly mirroring my thoughts upon reading that BSG, keep going the way you do <3 Stay safe, keep developing well .
  13. Das DogTag Problem

    Nö .
  14. The best way to get m4s

    While the M4 has really nice, barely-existant recoil, I still prefer the "hits-like-a-truck-without-brakes" AKMs . Nothing wrecks an enemies´ day as surely as 30 or more shots of 7.62´s . Also : if you see armor of any kind, leg ´em all and leg ´em harrrrrd aka "kill the meat, save the metal" . Stay safe, wreck well .