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  1. B0oN

    We need Kill Cam

    Except for his interpretation of what Nikita and BSG aim to achieve, which seems closer to home than what people seem to be advocating with a killcam . Biggest trouble with such a feature is : will it (the killcam show what has happened from the killer´s PoV client-sided or server-sided ? And if server-sided, will it be free from any lag-compensation or other corrections or will those be activated as well ? You see, if you think about it strictly technical, killcam is worth not much . I´d rather have access to unfudged servertelemetry and dig my way through it Manual AC is best AC .
  2. B0oN

    ich versteh es einfach nicht...

    Desynch vom Feinsten . Is nur absolut nix neues .
  3. B0oN

    Weapon Accuracy

    Ergonomics = handling of the gun , therefore the better the gun´s ergonomy, the easier it is to handle . On accuracy : the higher, the better
  4. B0oN

    There are almost no hackers.

    So does any of the guys that hackusates have proper proof ? And with "proper proof" I don´t mean your silly POV videos, which show nothing of use at all . I want server sided telemetry, ´cause there´s some proof and truth to be had from that, nothing else, ya hear me girls and boys ?. Yes, there are cheaters, but I don´t give a single duck about them, ´cause everytime they rear their weakling heads, I can totally hear Mjoelnir, the Banhammer swinging . Also : "I got banned by accident/a friend was using my account/my sister was using my account/the program was only running in background" … such pathetically weak excuses, nevermind their 2.43 mile long grey beard . People never cease to amuse me with their antics .
  5. B0oN

    Scav exp?

    The Scav you play levels up to be harder, run longer, carry more, throw farther, needs less drink, etc. just like your PMC does . They are 2 separate entities, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, y´know . Level up that Scav and see him getting better starting gear ^^
  6. B0oN

    I WISH

    I´m faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr away from that ^^
  7. B0oN

    I WISH

    I wish you did a fresh installer ...
  8. B0oN

    What is up with the constant crashes?

    Yea, that machine is good enough, I was just fearing you were playing on a very old/subpar machine So with that out of the way, have you tried cleanly reinstalling the game, since the game has a big chance of exhibiting all kinds of strange behaviours when patch after patch is added to an already existing installation . Recently I had to reinstall due to not being able to hear anything outside a 5m radius, irregardless if I was wearing ComTac/Sordins or none of the ingame headphones at all, which made raids extremely hard and mostly had me dying by very deadly surprises . Reinstalling fixed that issue for me .
  9. B0oN

    What is up with the constant crashes?

    1: What are your machine specs ? 2: Have you considered doing a clean install to check if the crashing still happens ? This game is very prone to getting buggy after updates are applied . @SniperInTheMist : Expect less and you shall be less disappointed . That´s just what I learned from over 30 years of gaming, mind you . Also, didn´t you know that fixing one bug creates at least six new bugs ? That´s how finnicky is working with code . It´s never straightforward and so very often infuriatingly random . Go talk with a coder about interaction of code and additions to same code, it might be technically interesting and also gives the coder a chance to vent some of the workspace frustrations they have to endure for our entertainments sake .
  10. B0oN

    Its a waste of time with insurance .

    Johnny, obviously you haven´t read that "3 minutes to check for insurances" remark of mine, but you heartily picked up on my "ask your boss" remark, eh ? Selective reading and answer picking more please ? My point was : get creative, there´s so much time to be had to be used for stuff, one just has to take a step back and take a look at those idle times of a day . How that can be interpreted as childish or selfish is quite above me, though .
  11. B0oN

    Its a waste of time with insurance .

    Whats more convenient ? Insurance or losing stuff permanently with each death ? See, insurance IS convenient as duck . @smokey-phil : I could easily go and ask my boss if I was allowed to do such a thing, I don´t have a guarantee that he´d allow me to, though . The point I wanted to bring across is this : you don´t know what´s possible if you´re not even asking .
  12. B0oN

    Its a waste of time with insurance .

    I´ve got real life too and still manage to start up EfT for 3 minutes to check if any of my insurances came back, what was your point again ? To change insurances in such a way that people with bad time management skill also get their stuff back without having to invest 180 seconds ? C´mon … those insurances are already convenient as duck, no need to be mollycoddled anymore, this game aims to be BRUTAL . Also … if you have a PC @ work, get permission to install EfT there just to check on insurances (have your boss watch you, or sign an agreement with him that you only ever do it in your break/freetimes) . If you can´t use a PC at your workplace, make someone check your insurances that you trust . Be less lazy, get a bit more creative, you´ve got it in you, buddy, and I´m counting on you . Now get to thinking ...
  13. That sounds like a highly rethorical question to me, OP . Naturally you FIRST invest in your machine , way after those upgrades to your hardware are done you could invest in games .
  14. B0oN


    Show me serverside telemetry or I need to call BS . Don´t get me wrong, I know well enough there is enough haxxerors running around as is being shown with each banwave, but without rocksolid proof I can´t really say anything except : if people have been cheating, they will have to deal with the consequence, which comes in the form of the good old banhammer Mjoelnir . Take a break, it might totally pay off