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  1. looting lag/stash lag solved maybe

    Something like ... "I used mouse XYZ before, now with mouse ABC everything´s Gucci !" might be helpful, dontcha think ? Stay safe, loot well .
  2. Exactly mirroring my thoughts upon reading that BSG, keep going the way you do <3 Stay safe, keep developing well .
  3. Das DogTag Problem

    Nö .
  4. The best way to get m4s

    While the M4 has really nice, barely-existant recoil, I still prefer the "hits-like-a-truck-without-brakes" AKMs . Nothing wrecks an enemies´ day as surely as 30 or more shots of 7.62´s . Also : if you see armor of any kind, leg ´em all and leg ´em harrrrrd aka "kill the meat, save the metal" . Stay safe, wreck well .
  5. Possible Fix [Nvidia Users]

    Funny ... And here I am, cranking up the game harshly, running it @ 2880x1620 (80-35FPS)on my 1920x1080 monitor with a bit less performance as in native resolution (110-35FPS) on Shoreline . Hint : Try erasing your game´s cache when changing settings . My Nvidia settings : -Anisotropic : Application decides -Antialiasing FXAA : Off -Antialiasing setting : Application decides -AA gammacorrection : On -AA mode : Application decides -AA transparency : 8x (Supersample) (if your machine is beefy enough) -Refresh rate : Highest possible -Cuda GPUs : All -DSR : Off -Triple Buffer : On (Vsync on with 3K res makes it less input-laggy) -Energymode : Maximum performance -Prerendered frames :1 -MFAA : Off -OpenGL GPU : GTX1070 -Shadercache : On -Texturefiltering Anisotropic samplingoptimisation : Off -Negative LOD-Bias : Allowed -Texturefiltering quality : High Quality -Threaded optimization : On -Ambient occlusion : Off -VSync : Fast -Prerendered VR frames : 1 (useless in this case, neh^^ ) In-game settings : Systemspecs : i7 8700K, 4.8GHZ 16 GB 3K MHz DDR4 Palit Gamerock GTX1070 Samsung 960EVO M2 SSD (windows only) Samsung 960PRO M2 SSD (games only) Benq XL2420T 1920x1080 120Hz Keep fiddling, guys, and remember to erase that cache (in the EfT folder) Stay safe, render well .
  6. I'm struggling.

    Exactly . Stay safe, extract well.
  7. Ping lock please

    Maybe to mitigate parts of its unreliability, Sachiel ?
  8. Ping lock please

    I just pulled that number out of my nose, purely for yardstick reasons, not to be taken literally, since such an enforcement needs to be tweaked to a nigh on perverted level until it was useful Still okay in my book, since other games are other games . Harsh environment needs harsh rules, since it could be leading to a thousandfold better gaming experience and that is what we all want ultimately, wouldn´t you agree ?
  9. Ping lock please

    Additionally to having a high ping kicker , how about a threshold for packet loss ? If packet loss greater than 0.5 %, kick . Stay safe, kick well .
  10. Thats it, im uninstalling until full release

    The desynch is stronk today, Ben . Keep at it . Stay safe, sneak well .
  11. I love losing my legs

    Bah, painkillers ... a true Bear starts his raid as a Hatchling with a broken leg after less than 60 seconds in, then goes on to win fights against scavviess and players and THEN still extracts fully loaded . Btw: thanks to that Grach dude with Blackrock on the ship that let me crawl away and to the Usec hatchling that threw himself willingly onto my Vepr carbine , <3 you guys Stay safe, hobble well .
  12. Performance

    olwarior, ever tried cranking up them settings to max ? Like ArmA3, EfT seems to be running better for me when spanking it against the next available wall without VSync, dunno why the heck that could be . I also have the sneaking suspicion that it´s not only your machine that´s getting counted in the mix, but also the performance of other players as well (ArmA says hello again Oo ) My baseline is Shoreline maps falling around between 90-25 FPS, on everything full , Z-Blur and Noise off . i7 8700K @4.6 GHz on all cores Palit GTX 1070 Gamerock Ed. 16 GB 3k MHz DDR4 Corsair Ram Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD
  13. The end game sucks badly

    You guys know we are STILL testing out the technical base of the game and have about 10% of the content, yes ? Chill, gentlemen, it´ll come . Stay safe, test well .
  14. Funny Screenshot

    ... and that´s what happens when you let armed people into your clubs past midnight ... Stay safe, dance-off well .
  15. Meine Intel CPU (i7-8700K) und meine NV GraKa (GTX 1070 Palit Gamerock) ham auch ned mehr Auslastung und im Schnitt nur 10-15 FPS mehr, ich glaub du kannst das Fanboyisieren leger weglassen ... @asd_ ? Das Spiel hat´n dickes, fettes RAM-leck, probier mal, was Onkel Peter vorgeschlagen hat . Stay safe, optimize well .