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  1. My best raid this wipe.

    i dont see why people insure things like the key bar or gamma container. if you are taking it out of your container. thats just a stupid move
  2. Im looking to buy 3 gas analyzers. i have 3 gas mask filters to trade for a factory key. will pay 50k roubles per analyzer. and will pay 3 gas mask filters and 50k roubles for factory key.
  3. trader reputation/karma

    im very close to lvl 3 skier. but im .02 rep/karma points away and am having a really hard time doing his quest. any way to level them up without doing quests/tasks?
  4. geared players

    so two times. i went in full geared and wiggled to hatchlings. made friends. gave them gear from scavs. just to have them blow my legs to pieces. so. never again. and also 98% of the time i see a hatchling they dont dance they try to hatchet me.
  5. I understand now.

    I never have went into factory with more than a sks and the lowest armor. i figured might as well put some fort and full gear on. with a suppressed mp5 that just sitting in my inv. wow. 10 games straight in factory making hundreds of thousands per raid. i get it. i completely understand now. i have finally got past the loss of gear fear to the fullest.
  6. Night Factory?

    does the night time version of factory have scavs? or is it pure PVP? ive played on it about 3 times and all ive found were people. i dont hear any cheeki breeki at all
  7. Stop comparing this game to PUBG

    So many people are so butthurt that they dont understand that "Closed Beta" means bugs and glitches that will eventually be worked out. and nearly every time i see someone complain there is another person trying to compare this game to PUBG.. they are not the same. stop asking for more pubg type of game play and game functions. if you don't like being apart of a testing community/game. then you shouldn't of bought it when it clearly says "Alpha/Beta"
  8. Need a way to view who you killed

    So it was 4am and i figured imma jump on tarkov and do a few hatchet runs. I die the first two. jump on scav mode. then decide to go for one more tomahawk run before bed. i grab my first aid. and head on in. trying to strictly exp farm scavs or other freshies. i end up killing 3 scavs and a player with my hatchet. quickly loot up a pistol and a auto shotty. i hear someone above me in 3rd story room opening the filing cabinets. i go up and walk back and forth almost like a scav. i wait for the loot sound and i breach the door to be met by a fully kitted out man with a m4 suppressed and a pilgrim backpack. and i lay an easy 4 shots into him before he hits me once. he goes down and i reaped the rewards. factory key saved me, because i could hear a team of two camping the main exit. made and easy 200k+ from one run without selling my new (and first) m4. was super pumped. So all in all, i really wish i knew the name of the player i killed so i could thank him. maybe a dogtag feature that you need to examine or search to see whos body is on the ground.
  9. Buying A factory Key

    10k USD? or 10k rubles? if its USD ill do it
  10. Damn.

    he was a fresh spawn with an AK from a body he was looting. no armor or vest on when i started shooting at him. the dsync did last about an hour after posting this. then it started to clear up.
  11. Damn.

    Well ive spent the better part of 4 hours looting with scavs and hatchet runs. made quite a bit of money. then figured id take out my MPX. unloaded 30+ rounds into the back of a BEAR. realizing it didnt do anything. i flanked around and just dropped dead. no one around me. i can only assume, during the dsync he was able to turn and shoot me. then once the server caught up we both probably died.. this stuff seems to happen in long waves. which is really discouraging and is the main reason i only do hatchet runs while solo. or scav to just build up a huge stash. i dont see it as fun when this issue has been pretty prominent since just before beta launching. maybe a fix will come soon with the release of the rest of shoreline.
  12. Player scavs killing player scavs

    I am full on board with very harsh punishment for player scavs killing player scavs. here is what i think should be done. if you are a player scav and kill an AI scav. nothing should happen. they are just AI. If you are a Player scav and kill another player scav. you should get a time cool down that resets every 24 hours. so kill one, punished for an hour and a half wait time. kill two, punished for 3 hours. kill 3 punished for 6 hours. then 12 and so on. up to 3 days or so. and also leave the AI attacking you in there too. (all of this would have to occur within a 24 period.) this would really stop or at least slow it down dramatically. i get killing an AI scav and getting some fort armor or a helm. and facing AI shooting at you. thats fine. but player on player is really freaking annoying even after both do the friendly dance.
  13. The plan for this is already in motion so ive heard and read. a hideout type of base where you must find and use parts you loot to maintain the hideout, keep the water running and lights on type of thing. and from what ive read i guess the more advanced your hideout is the bigger your stash it and the better your player "feels" when going into raids. (P.S. i cant wait to play payday 2 VR on the 16th. super excited)
  14. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    will there be a wipe when this is added?
  15. nah, if you are out of everything and have no money do what you can. if you are afraid of playing factory and dying from main exit. go do custom runs for the factory key. save yourself. i just played an hour tonight and made an easy 500k from putting loot in my gamma. and about 3 scav kills.
  16. scavs killing scavs..

    super looted from killing players. headed through a room when another scav came in. (player scav) and just scared the piss out of me. he didnt shoot instead did a dance. then as i turned the corner shot me in the leg. i turned and killed him. then was flooded with scav ai and lost it all ;( need an easier way to communicate
  17. whats the unknown key for? ive played since jan. and have never found that key
  18. Wipe

    well if you are looking to donate 3 salewa and some rubles. it would be greatly appreciated. i have 2 friends who have the standard edition and i can only donate to them so much lol
  19. Scav on Scav violence

    if i think you are a player scav i will kill you. because 9 times out of 10 they would do the same.
  20. yeah but most places have more than one exit. so if you think you are going to get camped dont go there. most advanced players normally take the safest route out. especially on factory. most have the key to get out the other doors. but if you are in a situation like he seems to be in with no real good guns or money. then you need to do anything to get paid. also, its no different from camping a room with in the middle of the map. you open the door you die.
  21. its tarkov. dont rule out any options. do what you must for gear even if it means being a complete scumbag.
  22. try doing fast runs with a tomahawk against scavs with shotguns. aim for the head. take the loot and get out. or every 30 minutes you play as a scav on customs then head straight for the exits and camp them and kill people exiting or just take the scav loot you get. its a slow(ish) process in the start but practice makes perfect.
  23. I collected an amount of 115 AI-2 Medkits. sold them to the medical lady for just over 1k each. sold her 58k worth to begin with. and then an additional 78k after. only to see that i never got any of the money. check to see if she was glitched by buying 1 bandage. and selling it to her. and it worked . idk what the hell. but if its a bug. now you know. careful selling large quantities of items
  24. The Escape From Tarkov Sherpa Program

    I'm interested
  25. watermark

    im fine with the watermark. i just dont like when it goes middle of screen in times of urgency