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  1. Well... That's a new one

    had same bug yesterday, joined shoreline faster then normaly and got same problem , had to alt f4 out of the game
  2. We are getting Divided because of the Emissary.

    seem erodogan made hes way into eft community as well , just send a report to higher and ask them to have a look at this chap, they should unite not separate you
  3. Well... That's a new one

    thats should be added as an respons option
  4. Quests from traders and Edge of Darkness

    1 that 0.20 gives you a boost so yes .2 its advised to leave skier for last since then you dont screw up levels ,as far as i know its possible to max all of them out even without eod
  5. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    that lad looks like he got 1 banged by scav from 1km and lost hes val and m4
  6. Guy take 40+ Shots and lives?!?!?!?

    stalker wondered in with a few life prolonging artefacts thats all
  7. Edge of Darkness Limited Edition - Tomahawk

    katana is a bit long for lets say factory ,how about wakizashi( lowest one ) , or something a bit more gentelmen like - brass Knuckles .
  8. Edge of Darkness Limited Edition - Tomahawk

    And you call youreself men , in russia we use furniture for cqc . First you bash hes skull in , then you peel potatoes
  9. The friendly Scav Wiggle..?

    no no first we remove western spy vadim and then we chiriki briki i v damke
  10. The friendly Scav Wiggle..?

    if they add this , they might as well add shashlik and campfire jokes . truly gopnik way of life
  11. Alpha key giveaway

    nice video . but mic could be improved keep up the good work
  12. Sherpas Weapons

    Idea works well but dont forget people like psysindicate . we would need people with high morals and strong personality.and as you mentioned thoes 2 trained people could teach 2 more and so and so . if you choose right people idea might be golden. Maybe they should invest in small channels by lifting nda and giving them a chance to make guides and tutorials as sherpas
  13. Sherpas Weapons

    before adding anything i only ask that Blackb1rd talks over with all the devs on how could this be abused . ideas posted sound awsome but many poeple forgot anything that we tuch we corrupt and twist . things need to be made having that thought in mind. clans , streamers and youtubers can abuse many of the features . so think over you're decisions a few times and from few perspectives
  14. Sherpas Weapons

    unloottable weapons are not logical ( you nailed him , you loot him - god wont prevent you from looting him XD) .special weapons would make sherpa H.V.T and that would result in K.O.S ( thought based on dayz experiences with people ) . skins can be smth not flashy like wrap on the stock with a few bullets , maybe kill count scratches , black wood with ak . maybe a difrent knife with special animation ( hes a profesional so he knows spots where to attack) maybe even adding fists as a knock out option ( bash on the head with the stock , take what you need and leave )
  15. edga48 . semi-competitive person , milsim airsofter and hard core shooter fan .My life changed mostly after one airsoft game .I was taken under the wing of old combatant you know the type - bearded , sirius look and always ready to kick ass who in hes youth in the milatery used to sand paper tracer rounds for fun . I still remember our first game . We where ambushing a squad of 7 guys who where trying to cross a narow river . All he sayed was relax you're breathing and take good aim , and then '' -1 " first one fell , then the second and so on .He didnt even flinch . I would proudly call that man a sherpa and we need people like him to teach rookeis in game