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    I haven't used any until yesterday. If you play with a tight group you'll get everything back and losing isn't a big deal. Most people on eft discord say they toss everything but then you get everything but your gun or kiver back. I usually tk them and take their stuff the next time I play with them.
  2. Sigh

    Scavs are good if a bit too undangerous. You should've played in summer.
  3. Bad teamates

    Yeah, I once came back from afk after game was over, saw I had an invite, clicked yes and before I could read who was in the group the game started. Spawned with customs with wiggling 3 hatchets. Dropped one guys gear and told him to pick it up. As for voip chat I thought it was some elaborate joke until I the hatchets all looked at me and then rushed to get the gear. A bloodbath followed. But yeah I don't see a reason to group up with randoms unless you show up with a saiga and shoot them all. Even people in discord are really hit and miss. I've resorted to adding notes to that promise me they hid my gear. If I don't get it back from the insurance and they join my group again, I go in with saiga, grab whatever they have as compensation and carry on.
  4. Release in 2017?

    As someone with experience in AAA, a project of this scope going 1-2 years over initial deadline is completely understandable and expected, especially if company doesn't have 500 employees. However googling I have seen a lot of unconfirmed sources back in mid '16 claiming that closed beta should be released Q1 '17. Is this still the case or has extended alpha taken over the q1 release date and we should expect nothing in Q1 anymore? EDIT: Nevermind I'm stupid, After some more in depth googling developers said Q1 beta confirmed on FB very recently. Let this post be a lesson for other people whose google fu is not good.