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    The Cheater Battle Wages On!

  2. Hensen

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    let´s play
  3. Hensen

    Chuck Norris sighted in Tarkov

    catastrophe!!! This problem should be included in the beta I say it will go in the beta exactly the same (otherwise it would be fixed). A good comparison for the problem. The solution can be so simple http://cdn.webfail.com/upl/mp4/f7ed8f98238/600.mp4
  4. Hensen

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Have something totally crazy discovered. There is no direct suggestion to insert this into the game. reload speed + 30 % PS: This is not meant to be a guide for sexual obstruction
  5. Hensen

    The Shoreline Location

    good job
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    Alpha Key Giveaway!

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    Weapon Companies Thread

    Another model of a blow and stab RMJ's Berserker, RMJ's Berserker, an all-steel integral design, is based on a 9th century Viking wood axe. The Berserker is made from 4140 differentially hardened alloy steel and featrues a DuraCoat finish. It measures 14 3/4 inches in length with a forward blade dimension of 4 7/8 inches, and weighs 40 ounces (2 1/2 pounds). The Berserker comes standard with a Kydex bottom-eject scabbard. A second standard for SCAV's USA MILITARY MACHETE unknown manufacturer, 41 cm length, Blade in good condition, HK417 A2 | Technical Data HK417 A2 - 16.5" – CAL. 7.62 MM X 51 NATO General Calibre7.62 mm x 51 Operating principleGas-operated Magazine capacity10/20 rounds Modes of fire0-1-D Rate of fireapprox. 600/min Sights M Buttstock R Dimensions Length min./max.approx. 914/994 mm Widthapprox. 78.0 mm Heightapprox. 213.0 mm Barrel lengthapprox. 419 mm Sight radiusapprox. 410.0 mm Weight Weapon approx. 4.40 kg Magazine approx. 0.11/0.16 kg Other Data Colour schemeBlack/RAL8000 http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/products/military/assault-rifles/hk417/hk417-a2-165 RED SPLASH BDR-15 3G + H7M RIFLE Limited Edition Blood Splatter Built for performance (and the zombie apocolypse), the F-1 Firearms BDR-15 3G receiver set mated to the H7M Ultra Lite handguard forms the foundation of this high performance rifle. This rifle is packed full of performance and style without compromise. With our limited edition red splash anodized finish, this rifle will turn heads. Manufactured from high grade 7075-T6 billet aluminum Unnecessary surfaces milled out for lightest reliable configuration BDR-15-3G receiver set Oversized trigger guard Front and rear take down pins included and installed Screws included for bolt catch, receiver tensioning, take-down pin detent and trigger adjustment 60° beveled magwell H7M Ultra Lite handguard 1 Piece Free Float Design Front and Rear Picatinny Rails Scalloped Top Rail 1.33" Inside Diameter M-LOK Side and Bottom Rail Mounts Magpul CTR stock Hiperfire 24 3G performance trigger F-1 Firearms Durabolt - Rose Gold (TiCN) bolt carrier group F-1 Firearms diamond fluted 16" barrel - .223 Wylde F-1 Firearms ambi charging handle F-1 Firearms flat faced compensating brake Hand finished for the utmost in quality and customer satisfaction F-1 Firearms 100% Product Guarantee Ships in 45-60 days. Available to order!
  8. I finish the raid, look, My inventory, All EMPTY, 1- 2 weapons and not more I call loudly need free slots, Much much MORE
  9. Hensen


    danke für die schnelle antwort mfg
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    also mit anderen worten "warten fetzt" und "viel warten fetzt viel"
  11. Hensen


    hi wann das genau der fall ist ( datum) ist nicht direkt bekannt? PS: frage am rande hab auch schon im forum gesucht aber nur teilweise antwort gefunden , ich habe meine EfT edition am 16.02. upgradet und nun ist es so das ich mein profil reseten muss das die aktiv wird soweit richtig " habe mein profil 3 tage zuvor resetet" und nun meine frage gibt es nur die 2 möglichkeiten mit dem profilreset und auf nächstes update warten oder besteht noch eine möglichkeit mein upgrade zu aktiviren?