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  1. New game development materials

    Very nice. Keep it up
  2. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Not used to be in a group/clan but joind Taw for EFT and don't regret it. Plus other available games that communication and a good team makes a difference. Nice people and good control.
  3. New stream info

    Good work there and keep it up. Cant wait for it
  4. USEC vs BEAR - Your pick and why?

    BEAR. Don´t like the Nato/US Style, they are not the good guys, just because russia is different does not mean they are the bad guys. Lets get them greedy USEC bastards. Northen europe support group.
  5. Alpha Interfaces screenshots

    Yea should be, but just fun to poke around your self
  6. UK/EU Alpha Group/possible future Clan

    Pm if you are still looking for players. 22 years old from iceland with a fair xp from arm3. Able to play early in the morning or late in the evening/night. My timebelt is at 0 GMT fyi. Have Discord, TS and skype. Btw willing to cut of all but work for the game
  7. Alpha Interfaces screenshots

    Will you release the interfaces before the alpha ? So we can look around it and get to know it as much as possible before the actual game is opened.
  8. Screenshots

    Nice pics and just all of it can´t wait