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  1. ben_der

    Scav verhalten ?

    @ExtremerJonny das was du da beschreibst ist eigentlich genau das was ich meinte: Serverauslastung...desync, wie auch immer du es nennen willst. Teste das ganze Mal in ner Runde im Offline Modus. Da merkt man dann welche Auswirkung Serverauslastung und Desync auf das Verhalten der Scavs hat weil das im Offline Modus komplett fehlt. Im Launcher habe ich den Server ausgewählt mit niedrigstem Ping für mich. (DE spg ~25iger Ping im Schnitt)
  2. ben_der

    Scav verhalten ?

    Testet mal offline gegen Scavs und guggt ob die sich für euch dort plausibler verhalten. Wenn ja, dann kann es gut sein, dass die Serverauslastung die Schuld an komischen Scav verhalten online mit hat. Ich find das Verhalten von Scavs eigentlich ganz in Ordnung, allerdings Spiel ich eigentlich nur Customs und Woods. Factory mag ich nicht. Die Runden wo der Server "sche*sse" läuft haben sich mittlerweile deutlcih Reduziert, meiner Meinung nach. Das war vor Paar Monaten noch deutlich schlimmer. Natürlich isses noch nicht perfekt aber besser geworden. Gestern hat ich es in nem Scav run auch dass ich andere Scavs erschiessen konnte und die auch gleich umgefallen sind, jedoch konnt ich keine Container öffnen und irgendwann bin ich einfach tot umgefallen -> Server total desynced. Aber das war jetzt seit dem neuen Patch 1x in 100 Raids.
  3. ben_der

    Skier steigt nicht im Level

    Waffenläufe von Skier an Peacekeeper verkaufen. Dann levelst beide gleichzeitig.
  4. ben_der

    Sherpas Weapons

    Since there will be no offline mode in the final state of the game, I suspect Sherpas will group up with their trainees and train them in the real EFT environment making them a target for hostile players.
  5. ben_der


    Bei den Flinten MP-133 und MP-153 musst du die Tube welche die Schrotpatronen fasst zuerst entfernen, dann kannst du den Tubus entladen. In echt kann man die MP-133 entladen indem man schlicht und ergreifend "pumpt" bis alle Patronen ausgeworfen wurden via Auswurf. Bei der MP-153 via Verschlusshebel ebenfalls so oft repetieren bis keine Patronen mehr in der Flinte sind.
  6. ben_der

    Sherpas Weapons

    I don't know what it is and where it comes from, but a "skin" as a reward for being a trainer for others? That's not really a reward if you ask me, especially in the Environment we are in Escape from Tarkov. Since we're talking about realism, and even hardcore realism, I feel like the feature for a successful Sherpa needs to be a benefit he can actually benefit from with, at the same time, not putting others into a disadvantage. A special Weapon, like something that no one else can obtain (besides killing a Sherpa) feels a bit out of touch if you ask me. It shouldn't be something "stronger, better, more unique". If someone kills a Sherpa and gets his Unique Weapon, it doesn't value the Sherpa and the one getting the Weapon has too much of a benefit for my feeling. That's why I still think, my idea with the Sherpa being able to choose from a gun he currently owns and won't loose for one month (or a week, or 2 weeks or whatever timeframe) and then choose a new gun, is something that's actually benefiting, but at the same time not putting other people to a huge disadvantage. The idea behind not loosing the chosen gun for one Month is, since the Sherpa is a Trainer that constantly also improves his way of playing he might want to change attachments or so on his gun (or switch to another gun). This way he would be able to make adjustments to his preferred weapon and use it as an example for his Trainees. My idea was, that if a Sherpa gets killed, you won't be able to get his gun because if his gun would be lootable with the Sherpa having the benefit of not loosing his chosen gun, that this might ruin the market/deflate value?! So instead of getting the gun, the person finding the dead Sherpa will find the Sherpa's Dogtag which is extra worth something. Like the Trader Fence, where you can swap cigarettes for an attachment for example, you could collect those Sherpa Dogtags and either sell it to get money or to use them to pay for an expensive / rare part. Yes, I am aware of the fact, that being not able to loot the Sherpa's gun is against the "norm" in EFT, I just think with the Sherpa being able to get an exact copy of his lost gun, that it might have an negative Impact on the Market. I guess this would need testing to see how much of an impact it has.
  7. ben_der

    Bring Back Offline Raid Looting Take Home

    Get on Discord and into the EFT Group. Look for other Players you can play with. In a Group of 5, you have a huge advantage and although you have to split your loot with your teammates, you still get more loot than playing as a lone wolf dying all the time. I had the greatest time yesterday playing with 4 others I've found on Discord and got some decent loot I could work with. Keep in mind, if you're in a group of 5, the amount of "enemy players" in your session is quite limited then. On Factory it's 4-6 Players, if you join with your Group of 5 Players there can only be one other player. You just have to fight that player & the scavs. Regarding "Server Busy Message", if you group up and let the Group Leader try to get in get, no matter how many "Server Busy" Messages he gets, there's some point in trying that you're most likely to get into a match. And if Matching takes more than ~3 Minutes, just go back to the Lobby, Group again and try joining again. I can see though why solo players want offline loot. If you just want to test out stuff, that's of course easier.
  8. ben_der

    Sherpas gear

    As of the Gear being supplied to the Sherpas by Battlestate, I'd suggest that this depends on the Sherpa. The Sherpa is a Trainer to others and since every Sherpa has his own way of Teaching things, it would be up to the Sherpa what he needs to train his Rookies. For Example one Sherpa prefers AKs and Light Armor and the other prefers Heavy Armor and Shotguns, I'd say either one has a Selection he can request gear from Battlestate. Like my Sherpa weapon suggestion, I'd adapt something similar for Gear, just the other way around: The Sherpa can make his choises from a selection of Gear once a month and for that month he will be able to give this limited supply in Gear to his Rookies. Every month he can then adjust his selection to fit his style of teaching. Now for quantity, maybe if one Sherpa has 5 Rookies to teach, he will get 5x the Gearselection he chose to give to his Rookies. Let's assume a Rookie Training Programm takes 4 weeks and the Sherpa can choose what gear he uses for training the Rookies once a month, since the Rookies are more likely to die, the Gear Selection that was chosen for the Rookies will be refilled every week or so. ...if that makes any sense
  9. ben_der

    Sherpas Weapons

    I'd say make the weapon not lootable, so no the weapon won't be dropped. But as a reward the player who killed the sherpa should get the dog tag of the sherpa which will be worth more than regular dog tags and can be used to buy stuff at traders. Like it is done right now with the Trader Fence.
  10. ben_der

    Sherpas Weapons

    I'd say the sherpa can choose one of his guns to be not lost if he should die. Once a month he can choose a new gun as his sherpa weapon.
  11. Have the CIRAS and Plate Carrier been scanned with SAPI Plates Inside? They look a bit 'thin'. Anyway 3D scanned gear in such good quality is something that was never there before I guess. Brings the inner Geardo to life Great News / Job!
  12. ben_der


    I wonder if we could get this part for the shotguns to be able to use M4 Pistol Grips & Buttstocks: A few years ago when I was into Airsoft I had this Buttstock/Rail/Pistol Grip Adaptor for my Mossberg Airsoft. Loved the look of this thing together with Rails on the Pump Handle you can have proper Christmas Tree Shotguns.