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  1. New players

    Character name Sev Description A dark blue eyed, jet black haired, 21 year old British. Excellent Marksmanship abilities. His past -REDACTED- How did he get to Tarkov? Hired by Terra Group as a member of USEC to protect Terra Group locations and other additional roles when needed. Predilections Fond preference towards Long Range Rifles and over Marksman Rifles. Started acquiring a taste for Tushonka after being in the Norvinsk region for so long. Friends Sev can be found patrolling Tarkov with another British PMC and an American from time to time, but normally works alone for the majority of the time. Wounds, and battles Received a scar across the left eye during a firefight between him self and a number of armed Scavengers inside the Tarkov chemical plant, nicknamed 'Factory' by the local populous. Aspirations To get out of Tarkov alive, The greatest achievement that character did During a patrol on the -REDACTED-, Sev managed to successfully engage a team of five (5) opposing faction members at a MINIMUM length of 400 meters. Confirmed kills after retrieving the dog tags of BEAR members: -REDACTED-, -REDACTED-, -REDACTED-, -REDACTED- and -REDACTED-. Later in the patrol, encountered 10+ "Scavs" and additional three (3) PMC operators, which consisted of: one (1) rouge USEC agent and two (2) more BEAR operators, to which the Dog tags were not retrieved due to time constraints. Sev managed to make his way to the extraction zone: -REDACTED- leaving with minor injuries to the LEFT leg and the LEFT arm, he has since recovered fully from these injuries. Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  2. Rifle CQB techniques

    Pretty sure this isn't live action haha
  3. New gamebreaking glitch

    Hey If you haven't already I would heavily suggest that you report this on the bug tracker, Make sure to include all relative information and files. As this is more of a PSA than a post that is open to discussion I will lock this thread. #Locked #Answered - Sev
  4. The Team are planning on releasing a hotfix today, PLEASE be aware if any issues arise this may have an impact on release time/date. - Sev
  5. More spawn killing this patch

    I believe the Team is aware of the issues and you can probably expect spawns to be tweaked and improved upon in the following weeks. -Sev
  6. New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    Good Luck to the fresh Meat haha.
  7. Soon! The Kill list!

    Would love to actually be able to GIVE my dog tags to random people I end up befriending and teaming up with. Would be really nice to have some kind of identification at the end of a raid for people you DIDN'T murder haha
  8. Grenade

    The grenades are bugged. They are being patched on the next update as you can see in the 'Fixed' section of the patch notes which you can find Here. The issue you sound like you are describing is the 'Double grenade' were the game would create an invisible second grenade in your hand or in the general proximity, and kills you, hopefully this next patch will indeed fix the issue. #Locked #Answered - Sev
  9. Moderators Closing Topics

    It's all dependent on, what the topic is regarding. Some are posts that are asking/suggesting features and things that are either publicly planned - thus making the thread irreverent. Others are duplicates of posts that are almost identical in theme/topic, to which the thread would be either merged, or locked and redirected to a thread where people have already expressed their views and opinions regarding that topic, starting an entirely different thread for the same comments to be posted, is just a waste of every ones time. People are welcome to have discussions on topics, but we try to keep them all in one place so that the community can essentially all pitch in on the same idea together instead of several groups of people pitching in on the same idea. HTX has basically said what I have but since I am a moderator, thought it would also help a little more. - Sev
  10. 100 Times Lower Price? More like 50% off...

    It was an intentional change: There may be additional changes depending on the issues that have been found. The wipe will be before the 28th. The Stress test is on the 28th. #Locked Answered - Sev
  11. Is that the last time Reset Profile?

    At this current moment in time there is no confirmed amount of wipes that will be issued. However, there will almost certainly be at least one more on the official release of the game. There may be more during Open Beta and/or after the Open Beta is over. #Locked - Sev
  12. Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    This looks beautiful! Great work guys
  13. Question on extra keys

    Information was provided via source link. #Locked
  14. Max HP reduced after damage

    Done! Hope this gets some more community feed back. Perhaps the caliber can effect the amount of health that can be healed, or from explosives.
  15. Max HP reduced after damage

    This is actually a pretty interesting idea.