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  1. Mosin should be at 50k
  2. DaWu77

    EFT Dev Blog (sound)

    Nikita promised it on the Podcast. Watch it again
  3. DaWu77

    Wipes after full release?

    New players will get REKT anytime they join. Pre or after wipe. Doesnt matter and a poor excuse for wipes. Wipes make this game turn into a hatchet simulator and nothing more. A new player can easily get an AK and destroy every Fort+Fast MT guy. Wip wont help new players in any way. I have currently 198hours since the last wipe. 30+ million of rubles and many skills maxed. A wipe hurts and I tolerate it only because its alpha and they add new stuff, maps and mechanics. When the game would be finished and they would wipe my hard earned progress I would just quit. My spare time is limited and not reserved for pointless grinding in Tarkov. Btw. there will be specific raids for new players (max level 10 only). And the surpressor thing is a general problem with tarkov nothing to do with wipe topic
  4. DaWu77

    Wipes after full release?

    Well COD Prestiges were voluntary. Prestige was only cosmetic. And a WIPE in COD had not such a drast effect like in EFT. You dont have a stahs in COD.
  5. DaWu77

    Wipes after full release?

    well it will for me at last and many of my mates
  6. DaWu77

    Wipes after full release?

    The grind is the worst and most boring part of the game. once quests are done, gear is collected and some money reserves are established the game starts to shine with full gear vs full gear combat. there is NO fun in either grinding nor in shooting hatchlings. if this is the meta then I am at the wrong place. if people want a wipe -> go to you account on the homepage and click the reset button. but dont make it mandatory for us! I am here since early alpha and I have already 10+ wipes and I hate it. I understand somehow the need for it in Alpha but once the game is full released. NO more Wipes!
  7. DaWu77

    Wipes after full release?

    Then this game will die. There is nothing good in wipes
  8. DaWu77

    Wipes after full release?

    Please tell me when this will be the plan so I can ask for a refund. Wipes after release are a NOGO
  9. DaWu77

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    GIB NOW!
  10. DaWu77

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    Ban them all! No mercy!
  11. DaWu77

    Object reference error

    Never had this myself
  12. DaWu77

    This game is so harsh on new player

    You are not "Food" for other players because of lower gear. Its not hard to kill a Fort/Kiver guy with a TT. So no the game has no problem. Learn the game and adapt your tactics accordingly to your gear
  13. DaWu77

    char keeps walking

    Same here. Editing the ini doesnt help. I am tired of unplugging My joysticks
  14. DaWu77

    The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    poor guys. AI Bots, Desync. They wont last long.....From the 7 months I am playing this game this is the most absurd time to let them in