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  1. Redundant

    old gas station MIA wont exit

    If you were a scav then exit is behind the metal fence on the backside of old gas station.
  2. Redundant

    Remove Flea market

    It's not that hard to add in a check on items (to see weather or not the item was gained from previous raid/extraction) when turning them in for a quest, this would stop people from buying the items off of fleamarket to rush through quests. (This would require one extra line in the items Database (1/0) and simply check against it when dealing with quest items in inventory.) No biggy! Also, make some quest rewards and end-game items (i.e. KIBA/Custom office key) not for sale/trade. Then i think there should be some sorta price cap on fleamarket items, like they can only be set to max 110-150% price above merchants, but also have the cap fluctuate and adapt with the rate the items sell. Personally i'm fine with how it is right now but i know it wont stay like this, they will continue to tweak it until end time, online games these days never really end up completely "finished" like they used too back in the day . The biggest negative point on all this for me is that it's too easy to go through the game content, i'd like to see a very big slowdown, to make it more RPG, give the player more incentive to get somewhere with quests even if they would take more time to finish. working towards a longer term goal is more rewarding, however, i do understand the psychology of short term gratification and how the brain reacts to it and that this is what game companies aim for. An example of the opposite type of reward gratification would be "Dark Age of Camelot" from back in the days (2001), i'm sure most of you don't know about this game but for those who do, you know exactly what i'm talking about Also the community wasn't as toxic towards each other, 99% helped everyone else out. Anyways, I hope everyone has an amazing x-mas and happy new years
  3. Redundant

    killed in 2 seconds, spawned in front of other PMC..

    I can confirm this as i've been crashing while loading into games a lot lately since the last patch. reconnecting and just as i'm about to start playing the game tells me i've been killed, so yeah, this is new to me but it's absolutely happening :3 Edit: I'll add that i'm running my game from a m.2 Samsung 960 evo.
  4. Redundant


    Scavs don't always shoot at you because they "see" you, a lot of the times they shoot in your direction because they heard you rustle around in the bushes. a lot of times i've dashed into a bush to confuse scavs if i cant really tell where they are myself. it confuses them enough for me to pick up exactly where they are, all while they shoot away at where they think i am. Sure sometimes they do get me but most of the times they just shoot into the ground/air aimlessly.
  5. Redundant

    Tweak for painkillers and morphine

    could also give morphine alternative uses like getting the full effect by standing still and taking them, or 50-75% effect while taking them on the move. cuz slopy injection! Morphine should also give you hyper alertness, perhaps by boosting sounds and light slightly but also give you a negative effect after it wears off, as light sensitivity, shaky hands, ringing in the ears, nausea or blurred vision.
  6. Redundant

    Tweak for painkillers and morphine

    have painkillers remove pain but only give you 50% speed back from blackened leg and perhaps 30% speed from both legs blackened, only way to get full speed back would be to inject a morphine but keep the 2x timers compared to painkillers. also, for good measure, if morphine is used while bleeding or shot, the bloodloss can not be stopped (or on a timer say 6-10 minutes) but is also a steady 0.5x from normal bleed.
  7. Redundant

    What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    I'd say it has to do with the crashed plane in woods. My guess is that there's a Chuck Norris of scav's out there whom single handedly shot it down with one bullet from a makarov! Our quest is to get the flight recorder and get the hell out before Scav Norris comes after us!!!