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  1. Blackout77

    Where to find LEDX?

    Server room is the only known spawn for me, maybe some locked medic room?
  2. Blackout77

    Resolution bug...AGAIN

    BUMP THIS, same issue with 4K (need to downscale to use flea for example)
  3. Scav raiders are optimal, for endgame exmilitary AI. Why not? The lab is THEIR territory, they should know every corner (I suspect a lady in the mic to give them hints lol) They are killable, sometimes stupid, sometimes "cheaters" but hey its just beta, let them tune them.
  4. Blackout77

    Bans for using forbidden software

    "When you are so hyped to hax." "And you forget to patch your tool :D" script kiddies ...
  5. Lag issue is the major problem. 50% or more deaths without seeing the enemy or RNG server mood. I would rather wait in "matching for 10+ minutes" then dying due to guy with potato 500ms+ ping
  6. Blackout77

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB NF 34mm
  7. Blackout77

    Big customer ? chemical part 4 cant complete .

    I had the same problem, it doesnt worked like 4 times, I´ve tried next day, marker on a box and it was working. (try it "solo", I just left the raid to check it and it was fine then (no extraction)) Please create a ticket to do devs., because this is not the only quest. I had a problem with marking the 4 gas tankers also.
  8. Blackout77


    stretnut niekoho 3x po sebe, chod podat loto, to sa mi este nestalo ...
  9. Blackout77

    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    Good to see that CO6P_ player there +1 Devs. keep the list updated
  10. Blackout77

    Extreme RAM usage

    well nope simply without the "opti." I am running my UE4 projects on such values. Opti still comes at the end
  11. Blackout77

    Extreme RAM usage

    You can easily reach even 20Gigs of usage if you want to have a nice quality "open" worlds ... with "OP" LODs ... Optimization vs quality ... choose Your usage seems normal for me ...
  12. Blackout77

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB : UBGL aka Granade launcher Found 40mm nades but not the "tube" PM!
  13. Blackout77

    Prapor Task 2 impossible to do now

    TT run with friend ... easily doable ...
  14. Blackout77


    Tak snad to bude mat konecne "real" feel ...
  15. Blackout77

    What is wrong with granades?

    Well 2 F1s under a player and nothing (without armor or helmet) ... I think throwing a chicken eggs will do a more damage ...