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  1. man screw this game yo

    First of all, it is Beta and not a finished game. I guess you are just trolling. If you would use the Forum to check what is going on instead of writing sh.., you would have understood that there are desyncs.
  2. Das neue Spawn System!

    super. Danke, das hört sich gut an.
  3. Das neue Spawn System!

    war schon länger nicht mehr online. Wie sieht es mit Spawnen in einer Gruppe aus? Kann man nun mit den Mitgliedern am gleichen Ort spawnen oder muss man sich wieder unterwegs zusammenrotten?
  4. Prapor Mission - Customs

    I mean nobody should be forced to stay longer. That restricts everyones gameplay. If people like to rush then fine and of course the xp should be low but not to punish people who are nearly all the given time in the match but are not shooting. If the parameters will be adjusted, and I am sure the devs will I am fine with that. If they add a minimum time to be in the match, well I am not a fan of it, but of course it could help to avoid the scav rushers who just spawn in to loot the crate and the table on/in the fuel station exit to get out after two minutes. They should add different extraction points for Scavs. A good idea would be where the PMC starts. So both factions have to cross the map and will meet each other at some point.This could avoid exit camping a bit.
  5. Prapor Mission - Customs

    yes unfortunately it is an issue! I was in customs only geared with pistol and bag. Used nearly all the time for the run without shooting anybody but went out with plenty of loot only to get the "run trough"? Of course I could have the chance to get in a firefight but if you are outnumbered you don`t attack a group of players which are better geared. 3 mins were remaining and I looted AK plus Saiga, Magazines, food, Salewa and some good weapon attachements only to get 1200 exp. I can understand if someone rushes through without looting that the exp. should be low, but not be punished if I used all the time to loot and not using one bullet in the match.
  6. Prapor Mission - Customs

    sorry. Game is called escape from Tarkov, not shoot you out of Tarkov. So if someone wants to escape by stealth without shooting why should he get a penalty? Oh only because it is a hardcore shooter?
  7. Where do the shells go?

    Could be an option for the future to loot those shells or empty bullets, in order to craft new ones by yourself in your hideout. Of course with minor quality. Of course when game is stable and released.
  8. yes, when I am running around as "lone wolf" on customs that is the perfect tactic. Last raid I was only geared with pistol and a bag. I followed a 4 team bear squad which killed everything from mid large distance. Came out savely with 5 mins left. With a Saiga, AK plus magazines, armor and other nice stuff. Guess they were full. I had the chance to kill two who were looting while standing middle on the street. Guess they thought they were safe, but since I knew that the other two were there I didn`t try my luck.
  9. Kicks oder Connection lost ???

    ist leider eine Lotterie. Mal hat man Glück dass alles glatt läuft und manchmal bangt man ob man nicht gleich rausfliegt oder an einer Kiste/Körper beim looten hängen bleibt, oder am Schlimmsten beim Feuergefecht drauf geht wegen dem desync und alles verliert.
  10. Kicks oder Connection lost ???

    yeah. Unfortunately lately the desyncronization peeked up again. There is nothing much you can do from your side since it is a server problem. It depends also if you play on high peek time (when most of the players are online). The only thing is to wait and hope that the devs will solve those ping and desync problems soon. Maybe by adding even more servers. I know it is frustrating especially when you loose all the stuff due that.
  11. Ohne Grund BAC

    Aufmerksamkeit Syndrom, oder was soll dieser Post?
  12. Ohne Grund BAC

    Perfekt und viel Spass.
  13. Ohne Grund BAC

    Biste angeblich nicht der einzige mit dem Problem. laut den Dev. Als Administrator starten wie ich schon angedeutet hatte. Falls du Englisch kannst gehe zu dem angehängten Thread, da sind einige Vorschläge die bei einem auch geklappt haben. Hoffe das hilft
  14. Ohne Grund BAC

    hmm. Also anfangs lief der launcher nur mit Administrationsrechte ansonsten kam immer eine Fehlermeldung. Seit der launcher erneuert wurde muss ich das nicht mehr machen aber dass deine Version verschwunden ist, ist wirklich komisch. Support haste ja schon eingeschaltet. Warte ab was die sagen, sollten eigentlich ziemlich fix antworten.
  15. Ohne Grund BAC

    Startest du den launcher als Administrator?