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  1. Woods is hot right now

    It seems pretty on topic to me that most of the good fighting is happening on woods right now.
  2. Woods is hot right now

    To address the points in this thread, The point is that in my experience all the good action is on woods right now. I am not "bragging" or holding these videos up as good gameplay. I have lots of other videos like that Also I do not win because of my aim. Macros for healing is the meta right now. When it's changed it's changed but you can hardly blame me for healing in the most optimal way possible.
  3. Woods is hot right now

    Customs is out. Woods is in. Evidence: I know my mic was borked
  4. Yeah I could probably do that.
  5. It wouldn't really work when there are three or four hatchet players in almost every game. I've started to resent them a bit to be honest. Sort of how rich people resent poor people. It didn't for me either. It took a significant effort.
  6. This is a compilation of a few of our raids from a single day that I edited together. The editing is a bit rudimentary, but I am by no means a professional. It can also serve as a document of what higher level communication and tactics should look like in Escape From Tarkov. I believe this is the first EFT video to showcase multiple perspectives, but if I am incorrect please let me know in the comments! Let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this as they are a lot of work, but super fun to make.
  7. From Rags To RICHES

    Cool. If you talk faster you'll get more subs btw. Also searching filing cabinets in factory is the quickest way to die.
  8. More updates from Devs

    BSG are bad at communicating with their players, especially in the West. The way the NDA was handled proves this at the very least. They will continue to bungle western PR until they hire one person who is fluent in Russian and English and whose only job is western PR. The longer they go without this person the more potential profit they will lose. It's as simple as that.
  9. A short video on new Scav Faction

  10. T1 Gaming Community Recruiting

    I want to get into a team of five and play this game at the highest level possible. The other clans don't seem to care about that. I'm the guy that wants to take this game seriously. Are you the clan for that?
  11. This is us

    Fair enough is that's what the mods decide
  12. This is us

    I hope I was clear that this is not me. I don't think anyone thought that but it could have been read that way. I was making a joke about milsim players, myself included.
  13. This is us

    Strong language warning