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  1. Mwatts622

    Nerf The F****** Scabs!!

    Scavs are a constant work in progress and are constantly being adjusted. Please refrain from titling your posts with inappropriate, even masked, language. We all experience frustrations regarding scavs and they will continue to be changed throughout development. Thanks. #locked.
  2. Mwatts622

    Patch time

    There is no set time for the patch to be released, make sure you keep checking back on here or the Twitter account!
  3. Mwatts622

    Suggestions to EFT

    Please don't get discouraged, but you should absolutely research some of the planned features coming to EFT, you may like what you see! I suggest watching the early developer videos on the Battlestate Games Youtube Channel, that will fill you in on a lot of the vision the developers have for Tarkov. Thanks! #locked.
  4. Please use the search function before posting, there was literally the same topic a few posts down from this. Thank you. #locked.
  5. Mwatts622

    Open beta/ profile wipe?

    Please keep an eye on the forums for more information about upcoming updates and profile wipes. There is no information regarding the next wipe at this time. Thanks. #locked.
  6. Mwatts622

    i just upgraded to EoD but wheres my stuff?

    In order to see the benefits for the Edge of Darkness edition you must reset your game profile. Head to the Profile page on EscapeFromTarkov.com and on the right-hand side select "Reset the Game Profile". Be mindful that all in-game items and progression will be wiped. Next time please use the search function before creating a new topic. Thank you. #locked.
  7. Mwatts622

    Picture of actual EFT server.

    Please keep these type of low effort posts in the Off-Topic forum. Thanks #locked.
  8. Mwatts622

    Pistol Glitching

    Thank you for the information and we will make sure this gets passed along to the correct channels! The devs are always working to improve these type of situations, sometimes glitches like this have multiple variants and take some time to clear up. Thanks! #locked.
  9. Constructive criticism is helpful, fill out bug reports #locked.
  10. Mwatts622

    NVG BS!!!

    Your frustrations are 100% valid, anyone who has played recently knows the crazy things scavs can do right now. That being said, this is still a beta test, as much as you guys don't want to hear this again, it's the truth. Scavs will continue to be updated and tweaked, so don't worry. I say this to everyone who rage about these things on the forums: take some time off. Come back when things get better, when there is a new update, etc. Don't ever expect scavs to be pushovers though, they will always bring a certain amount of danger to the raids, the devs have made that clear. Good luck citizen. #locked.
  11. Mwatts622

    Taking a break

    Frustrations are understandable, please visit the CBT forum and read the patch notes. Lots of great improvements incoming. Looks like you won't be taking too long of a break #locked.
  12. Mwatts622


    As stated above, if you chose you can purchase the other editions later on, but everything will need to be reset in order to see the benefit. This can be done by resetting your game account in your profile page. Please make sure you use the search function before posting, this has been discussed numerous times. #locked.
  13. Mwatts622

    PVE - Multiplayer?

    There will be no PVE only servers, all servers will always be PVPVE. The group spawns have been mentioned by the developers and stated they will be looked into, but no announcements at this time. Please search the forums before submitting a new thread. All these questions have been answered previously. Thank you. #locked.
  14. Mwatts622


    The developers currently do not accept manual reports of hacking. Also, do not come to the forums and accuse other players of hacking by posting their usernames. This often incites flaming and is not welcome here. Use the search function before posting as this has been fairly clear recently. For discussion regarding hacking, please refer to this post: #locked.
  15. Mwatts622

    Fix it

    Constructive criticism is important to games like EFT, but a thread like this is useless. Your frustrations are warranted, but please try to be a little more respectful when posting here. #locked.