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  1. AFO Phantom

  2. AFO Phantom

    I need your 4 digit tag find it in your user settings next to your name
  3. AFO Phantom

    Advanced Force Operations Phantom (AFO) Is a Milsim group that is dedicated to tactical game play but chill laid back guys at our core. We want to start building our army to begin dominating the realm of tarkov. We are a USEC focus clan who feeds on the blood of bears and scavs. If you are interested please post your discord info below and i will contact you and see if you have what it takes to be a Phantom
  4. How many players per server?

    shhhhhhh you werent suppose to see that
  5. How many players per server?

    wait till your in beta and find out
  6. Battle State Please Adopt Open Devlopment

    I completely agree if they told us there was not gonna be any content at the start of cbt then i would not have felt so let down.
  7. The Hideout announcement

    Holy ball sack I was hoping this was going to be a feature
  8. US Escort In-Game Event Takes Place June 1st!

    sign me up Jodman#9223
  9. EFT USEC banner for twitch.

    Looks sweet bro
  10. Intresting but i think it is a little unecessary do to the fact that their is not a lot of people on the map to begin with.. if there was like 16 players then it would be needed but this change may make it harder to find people. Unless they add more scavs to these areas to give away others locations. id rather you work on optimizations to add more players before you expand the maps
  11. The Escape from Tarkov Sherpas. Training saves.

    I can't wait till I can work hard to protect my squad and deal death and destruction to my enemies to become a sherpa.. I think i'm gonna love this feature
  12. Sherpas gear

    My sherpa gear is to be all black like an assassin and dealer of death with a silenced vector
  13. Probably both but either way it goes i desperatly want to become one
  14. Alpha 4th of August

    What i think is, in my own opinion, that the developers ran into a problem... right now they are probably working really hard to get the finishing details into alpha launch (hopefully this is why their not in forums explaining to us whats going on).. They said Alpha release would be on the 4th and we must hold them to their word.. It is still the 4th and i expect them to finish what they need to finish and send out the emails..
  15. What Edition did you get?

    EOD I hope i can put a thousand hours in this game