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  1. I have to agree with you on the matter. If you break the rules then you should have to keep the ban that was given at the time.
  2. Can we stop complaining

    you mind friend. you.....are the real MVP.
  3. Back off the Devs

    I agree. further more the devs are working there ass off to make this game a better one for all of us. The amount of hate in some of the forums is ridiculous, yet every time I see a hate thread/comment I always tell that person to grow up.
  4. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    RIP the new wave of people lol
  5. Всем, Если я изучаю русский язык в школе, мне нужно остаться в англоязычной форме? Или я могу прыгать с английского и русского? благодаря, bret
  6. Suicide scav

    Yes there is.
  7. weapon first time owners / weapon skins

    Awesome. Thanks. Thank you.
  8. Hello devs, So here are my questions, If you buy a gun from the one of the traders is it possible to put some kind of ID tag on it to show the first person who owned it? Second is are we going to be able to "paint" our weapons? And are weapon malfunctions in the game yet? Thanks, Bret
  9. Closed Beta will start in July!

    yes, if you are playing the alpha. then you will be in the closed beta.
  10. Welcome to EFT - Introduce yourself

    I'm Bret, I live in TN and love alpha testing. I play the alpha after I get off work and when I have free time away from the girlfriend. I heard about this game a couple months ago from a friend on steam. I watched a couple videos and was hooked. so...I got the best package you can buy the edge of darkness edition. It's freaking awesome. love the game the community, and the people that play this sweet game. Anyway have a good one and remember! Hold your weapons tight and your corners tighter. Peace.