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  1. "Friendship of the people"

    Thank you for taking the time to explain Alexander I always loved the sound of the Russian Language, but I'm very bad at pronouncing it and I know so very little Russians around here who can help me learn a few words and terms. Oh by the way, if possible, I'm choosing BEAR Dosvidania moiy droog.
  2. "Friendship of the people"

    Hello Alexander My name is Anthony, I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I am a intern/student embalmer I love many things of Russian origin, especially the women Dasvidania moi droog! (Did I say that right?)
  3. How old are you?

    27 years old from Quebec, Canada
  4. General questions on weapon implementation

    Good point! That would add some immersion and be less frustrating when reloading a LMG.
  5. P226

    Hmm I know very little about the handling of this weapon but I think it looks alright. However, in terms of looks for a pistol, my heart belongs to the beretta M9
  6. MP-133

    That is some sexy shotgun action. As much as I love just about every firearm I set my eyes upon, shotguns hold a very special little place in my heart.