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  1. Synagoga-Satanae

    "Friendship of the people"

    Thank you for taking the time to explain Alexander I always loved the sound of the Russian Language, but I'm very bad at pronouncing it and I know so very little Russians around here who can help me learn a few words and terms. Oh by the way, if possible, I'm choosing BEAR Dosvidania moiy droog.
  2. Synagoga-Satanae

    "Friendship of the people"

    Hello Alexander My name is Anthony, I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I am a intern/student embalmer I love many things of Russian origin, especially the women Dasvidania moi droog! (Did I say that right?)
  3. Synagoga-Satanae

    How old are you?

    27 years old from Quebec, Canada
  4. Synagoga-Satanae

    General questions on weapon implementation

    Good point! That would add some immersion and be less frustrating when reloading a LMG.
  5. Synagoga-Satanae


    Hmm I know very little about the handling of this weapon but I think it looks alright. However, in terms of looks for a pistol, my heart belongs to the beretta M9
  6. Synagoga-Satanae


    That is some sexy shotgun action. As much as I love just about every firearm I set my eyes upon, shotguns hold a very special little place in my heart.