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  1. Jmorgan186

    Fundamental game questions

    Everything you bring when you die you will lose. Coming in new without experience it can be very difficult. Understanding extractions, loot locations etc. Best and fastest way is playing with people. They will answer questions and help with tasks etc. Best way to do this is to search in forums for discord group and there will be tons of players look in ng to make groups. If your a steady player you find people with good chemistry and friend them through discord. Before you know it you'll have a small group of people usually on and playing. Very hard for newer people and quickly frustrating on where to go, what to do, who is who etc. Once getting past basics it will be one of the most rewarding games to play especially in a good group. My team I consistantly play with almost never get wiped and I have almost 70% survival. Need to put time in too enjoy the game hope this helps.
  2. Jmorgan186

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Would also like to know this.
  3. Jmorgan186

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Awesome news. Can will still claim previous gift as well as the new gift?
  4. Jmorgan186


    And there is an update for security measures for launcher. Ouch. It like really looks bad very bad. I'm feel so bad for the hard working guy who is actually trying in your company to deliver what we want. While make it so pain stakingly difficult to believe you guys everytime on any matter bought to light. Good luck boys your gonna need it. Let's get those fan boys back here please. Lol
  5. Jmorgan186


    Can you literally copy and paste this too all the other threads opening on the same topic. I bought EOD a long long time ago. I have seen streamers become successful off this game. But BSG choose to make streamers their billboard with press kits and this is what happens. They bit the hand that feeds. Remember eroktics fps tied to ROF, remember the backlash and public meltdown over the proof of how bad the net code was. Remember all the promises on what was in store for 2018. If you played this for years sure you have seen improvement in tiny small increments. Why is every patch and wipe the exact same. Scavs all over the place, ammo values screwed, armour well doesnt work or your god. It's like we start from scratch all over. Hackers. I'm not on the hacker wagon check my posts. But the under 10 hackers I have encountered, names have never shown up on ban hammer. Then we claim will not all names are shared. Sure ok, why no manual reports on hackers with video evidence. They could literally have the max speed that can be achieved in game set and anything over that speed is a speed hacker. People have offered the code. Why wouldn't you use this. I myself have watched all the videos recently and sorry to burst your bubble but criticism is what fixes issues. If eroktic was wrong, well give people hard concrete evidence and make him look like the fool he apparently is. But take their word on it like the hacker issues we dont have. Or the net code that isn't that bad. But myself I like to base my opinion on facts. And see when you have seen the same repeat attitude from BSG on certain matters pertaining to their product that spotlight exactly how broken, outdated, or how poorly the state of the game actually is. The same attitude has been seen from their studio. Go watch the video and research how bsg responded to netcose video. Then do the same for ROF tied to Fps. Check out red seven new video for so insight on how he was treated. Wish the game would succeed I paid for EOD to try and help support. But it either everyone is wrong and they are right or vice versa. At this point kinda wish the game was sold into capable hands. To a studio who communicates and gives results. Always liked the saying show me dont tell me. But hey here we come engine update. And a hole bunch more bugs and hole bunch more waiting. Still cross my fingers for this game but its needs more than luck at this point. And IMO it needs less people saying dont listen to anyone your games amazing. More of people like this guy who are tired of the same old story. +1 to you my guy.
  6. Jmorgan186

    Removing Dependency of Automatic fire

    Can't agree more with this, when you have drawn out fire fights it's so much fun. Unfortunately they are few and far between I feel due to the point shooting full auto. Due to the fact we are using a mouse everything should be amplified. You shouldn't be able to aim for crap if your moving more than a quarter speed and ADSing.
  7. Jmorgan186

    Is face hitbox a good thing

    I like the idea but it's not working helmets are pointless. Literally pointless I have been through maybe 10 to 15 this weekend they never helped once. And all i did weekend was get insta 1 tapped. Since face hit box I've had a helmet save me 1 time from a shotgun.
  8. Jmorgan186

    the money situation in 0.8

    I play scav vest vepr backpack nothing else then modded vepr. I sell most of the weapons I pick up until I have access to ammo that's decent. Then I start collecting about level 15 to 20. Traders rep and money spent Is enough for elite already. Currently lol 24 and pick from med to high tier gear set. Modded 74m with untar or fort val or m4's. Its like playing blackjack some hands you bet 50 some hands 15. I never buy gear, only mods.
  9. Jmorgan186

    FPS Problems

    Happening to alot of players. Try out the streamer kotton settings helped me a bit. I have pretty good fps on all maps same specs except i7 6700k, this game murders CPU. People are thinking when the firefight breaks out is losing fps due all the actions being registered each bullet, shell casings registering from both players etc.
  10. I hope the hideout feature add alot to the game and more too the survival aspect. Right now it's a pvp shooter and trying to survive the round. I hope in the future things like propane batteries maybe building computer and needing the components to do so will be more rare and sought after than other people's gear. If you make economy where other people gear isn't worth the slot space to sell and returns very little money for looting weapons and gear. Make the consumable items what the majority need to find to survive or have better hideout features. This in turn makes people maybe avoid fighting because they have loot needed for their hideout and character, and realise that killing the playerwon't not you much money. This also makes people actually build and mod weapons for the things they find in raid and not buy everything. Also more insurance returns because people may be in the situation where they need to kill but again don't need the guys blue un armour and sks as much as backpack full or car batteries. We have seen the pvp shooter side of the game I had much higher Hope's for this game to be a mmo survival like advertised. Not shoot on site pvp with leveled skills.
  11. I'm cool with the change making it a bit harder but also agree this should have came at a wipe because now you have players like myself good stash size and new players supergrind now to get items very unbalanced to do now. Also I am all for the difficulty but also agree let us test the game and items. Maybe they need to see how this will effect economy but why continue to make the game harder all while not on a completely stable platform yet. Also agree that makes it harder on the person playing the game honestly but for people chessing it helps them even more.
  12. Jmorgan186

    Extract protection/ new rules

    Got extract killed today on shoreline me and another Pmc got in a firefight hurt each other badly so I just went to extract. He was waiting for me in the rocks above tunnels. I scoped in to scan saw him and wack got me first. I don't blame him I might have even hit rock and scanned for him if I made it first. Either way I shouldn't have been in a rush and maybe moved toward another extract.
  13. Jmorgan186

    How to build confidence?

    Horde vepr they are low level monsters and you will get them back from insurance most of the time. Low level I was no armour meds and lots of ammo font get caught with no ammo. Then you should be running modded vepr or 74n. Stash will grow and shrink happens to everyone. Biggest piece of advice is audio. Know what sounds like wood or glass or metal. Most of them time I know where people are from sounds. This will give you an advantage as well. Good luck.
  14. Jmorgan186

    [RISE] Risen Coalition Gaming | 18+ | Mature | Team-Oriented

    Are you age 18 or over?: yes What level are you now?: 21 And previous patch?: 30s 40s around since pre alpha How well do you know the maps? (we can teach you): pretty well
  15. Agree in this id rather scav black legs and messing up your day but the insta death sucks. I liked someone posted about the rng something like 75% first too shots will miss or hit arms legs than next see 45% not perfect numbers here but basicly first 2 coming your way won't kill and give a small chance to react. Find a scav in woods when they are in some brush and it's light out.