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  1. Shady81

    Modding Weapons :(

    Awesome link there buddy. Thank you veey much has really helped me out. Cant thank you enough. Much love.
  2. Shady81

    Modding Weapons :(

    Hi guys im kinda new to EFT i brought it when it first come out but something happend irl and only just got playing it properly now. My question is, im finding it hard to mod weapons, i cant seem to find the right scopes and other bits for guns. Now am i being stupid or does it say what mod can be used on what weapon at all as its doing my head-in tbh. Any help would be most welcome and sorry if this is a noob question lol. Many Thanks.
  3. Shady81

    People to play with

    Just started playing and need practice, im from the uk. Shadyuk1 steam name add me up peeps
  4. Shady81

    Twitch Partnership

    Nice dude Gz very Awesome news!!!