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  1. First of all, any type of comparison between EFT and PUBG can only be a joke... Then there is your pseudo argument that you are getting into a game where everyone else allready has a ton of gear... well, what happens when you buy other games? does everyone get their accounts reseted just because you bought the game and its not fair that other players that have it for longer times have more stuff then you do?! Thats just a sad argument. If you have made any type of research on what you were buying then you would have known that it was always said that there would be no lvl or solo/group machmakings... and to answer your question, yes , there are a lot of lower lvl or even outgunned players that kill geared guys , sometimes even teams of geared guys... just because you couldn´t do it till now, doesn´t mean others can´t... I leave you a small example on how what you are "complaining" is not at all how you are painting it. Watch the video starting from minute 13:30...and you will see how the "geared" guys are not as "immortal" as you think they are.
  2. Separate lobbies for squads, duos and solo players

    I don´t think that would be a good idea ( and i only play solo ) , and i think there is already some official statements towards group and solo matching not being planned ( not sure though ). But there are already a couple of threads about this subject. Use the search function before creating an existent thread.
  3. Is there cheating in this game? How bad is it?

    Why would someone buy the game and then spend an extra 40 EUR per month to cheat?! I just don´t get it... Good ting he is gone now ( maybe he will learn something out of it ). Thats what you get, because if you searched before posting you would know that there is no reporting at all. Imagine we are on the same raid. You spot me and start taking shots at me, i get in cover and die after 5 or 6 secs of being behind cover ( due to desync ), then i go to the main menu and report you for hacking... Do you see pattern here of whats to come if there was a report button? The main issue with the game (besides the ones that really hack) is that the majority of players can´t accept that they got killed without it being hacks or desync... no one ever dies cause they were outplayed.
  4. It will boost your reputation on the amount of rep it says on the quest... depends on what your rep with him is before the 1st quest... but i think after 2nd quest you should have enough rep to go to lvl 2... then you just need to meet the other parameters required ( Your LVL and money spent on that trader )
  5. paid to win??

    And what advantage is that you are talking about? I only have contact with the other players in a raid, and in those raids i can´t take my stash with me, or can i? Will i have more chances to kill you during a raid because my stash is bigger? Do i get acess to "limited version" weapons that you dont because the stash size? Or will i be able to carry more out of a raid because of the stash size? NO.
  6. To both of you i apologize. @Tommygun628 @asd_ I misread the title completly. I read " i higly encourage you into hacking..." that´s why i replied that.
  7. The end game sucks badly

    There is no end game yet... because this is in development and a lot of the features that are supposed to be in the full version haven´t been implemented yet.

    A nerf on scavs?! they are almost dumb as bricks now... Do ppl really want to turn scavs into what they turned shotguns (practically useless)?!
  9. am l only one have trouble with stash?

    With the smaller stash you have to be more decisive on what you will keep or what you will sell ( since the space is limited i would go towards selling almost everything, and then buy the weapon and mods i want to make a loadout for a raid until i lost it, then buy another and so on.) Atm you can only increase your stash size if you upgrade your pre-order version. In the future you will be able to upgrade with ingame currency from what has been told.
  10. It once happened a similar issue on a scav run. After looting a dead body i came across and take is vepr, while i was running to the extraction the vepr disapeared out of my hands and it wasn´t on the ground either, just vanished. Only happened that one time though.
  11. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    As many other stated allready, gear match making was never intended for this game. It seems like you didn´t fully researched of what the game was intended to be when you purchased it and now you are expecting for things that were never intended to be in the game to be implemented. "Even if you have gear you can still die from the legs." ?!?!? Wth is this even suppose to mean? you expected the game to give you some kind of godlike armor and spend the entire raids with no worries? "No effect that gives a player a shock when hit with bullets" Again, i don´t know what game you are playing, but looks to me that it may not be EFT. If any type of ammo would penetrate armor , then why even have armor in the first place? Its almost as if you would complain that you can´t snipe ppl at 200 meters plus with an SMG...
  12. We can´t have that option in Tarkov (because it would either be for everyone or no one at all, couldn´t possibly be chosen by players or it would be unfair )... otherwise why have almost no Hud? That´s a feature that does´t fit in the type of game the Devs intend to create. They want the game to be as realistic as possible for a game, and that would render confirmed kills completely pointless. I believe there is still a lot of confused ppl thinking they will get in an alpha or a beta to shape the game development according their own preferences instead of reporting what isn´t working the way its supposed to be. Sure, there could be ideas that will be considered but thats not the purpose of getting in the game on a development stage.
  13. Anyone know where to report hackers?

    Of course it is possible...even on metal doors with proper ammo. And even if he didn´t ear any sound of you moving, he could just fire a few rounds through the door to make sure no one was there before breaching.
  14. Some content question.

    Just think of it this way... Sure you can get shredded by a team of 5 or if you play your cards right and the advantage you may even kill them all ( thats the beauty of Tarkov ) but nothing says that you must engage those 5 players if you spot them before they spot you. You can complete the raid without engaging any player if you chose to do so, and this decision making is also a part of the game. It shouldn´t be the game telling you " ok , so your lvl5, i will only match you to lvl 5 to 10 pmcs " so you could know in advance that your only adversaries in that raid will be low lvl and probably less geared and make the Risk/profit assessment for you. Now imagine you do engage a 3 man group or so and you kill them all ( not too impossible ), isn´t the reward much better then if you were matched against solo players of your lvl and with no valuable gear for you to loot after you killed them?
  15. From everything i´ve seen answered so far regarding this subject... there will be no separation from groups and solo players on matching... In my opinion there should be no such separation.