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  1. Funny thing is the players who asked for the moisin nerf defended themselves from the players that claimed they just didn´t like getting one tapped by a lvl1 player, by stating that it wasn´t the fact that a round of that caliber would one tap them, instead was the cheap price of the moisin that was to accessible. But as soon as they nerfed it no one else ever complained about the moisin price and the fact that every lvl1 can afford one... So?! was it the round or the pricing?!
  2. opiat3

    Game no longer purchased

    Didn´t you friend though it was strange that other ppl are buying it for 40$ , 60$ or 100$, and he was only paying probably arround 20$ to get the game?
  3. Not since they nerfed it... you know , because the Hardcore players that keep asking for realism didn´t think it was realistic enough to get one tapped by a 7.62X54 round (after spending 500,000 roubles on a loudout )... go figure.
  4. Do you think before you type? If both hideout and flea market are useless, why did you buy into the alpha/beta access of a game that from the beginning has hideout and flea market planned to be a part of the game? Also, do you represent the community? how the hell do you know that arena is the only thing that the community will play? or is it future telling. Another troll on the forum ranks
  5. Well, if that is the case then you should only bought it once it was released... not pre order it to have alpha/beta access. Prophets of doom will be prophets of doom....
  6. opiat3

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

  7. Posting it everywhere wont get anything fixed. Reporting and sending logs will.
  8. opiat3

    PVE Only Mode

    Well, it was never mentioned to be PVE , it was always a PVP/PVE experience. Plus they mentioned in early alpha that Offline PVE with loot ( in fact they removed it pretty early alpha ) would not be in the final release.
  9. opiat3

    Small annoying bugs

    Oh, ok , Sorry. I misunderstand it. I never had that bug , but reporting it is the only way to go m8.
  10. opiat3

    Small annoying bugs

    Ok... Im not gonna start a discussion to set if bleeding is or is not balanced and all of that. The only thing i can say is bring some bandages, splints and something to drink to prevent dying from these conditions.
  11. opiat3

    Small annoying bugs

    First of all, to report Bugs use the Bug Report section. Second, if a scav shot you in the arm, how is that a little scratch?
  12. opiat3

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    Scav need fixes, they don´t need nerfs. Expect them to be harder and harder as we go down the development road.
  13. If you don´t like the way things are and don´t want to play it, then don´t... That easy. Why are you so worried about what other ppl do or think? Also, if you think that using that kind of language makes your argument any stronger... don´t expect to be taken seriously by anyone that matters.
  14. opiat3

    Flea Market

    How is that a scam or anyone else fault if you didn´t check the price for what you were buying it? It is not a feature fault if that you don´t know or try to learn what you are doing with it
  15. opiat3

    Am I the only one who sees this?

    Why exactly am i a fanboy ?! Just because i am showing you are saying incorrect information on another rant kind of post?! Maybe its a bit late where you are at... you should get some rest now.