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  1. Events

    Moves 2/15 Day 5 (A note for bear nation. If your group leader doesn't manage to input a command in the game panel the rest of you can't really take an action. Looks like he posted, but didn't plot a move on the manage group.) Moves - A New Start - Action - Move Result - Success Searching through the kitchen you find an improvised weapon in the form of a chair leg with some nails sticking out. Seeing your opportunity once the gunfire dies down as a potential chance to get a weapon, you double back and head towards the sounds you heard. The gunfire was further away than what you anticipated. You come upon a three way intersection outside of a water treatment facility or similar silos. You spot two bodies, some cars, and some sangbags up ahead about 50 meters. You then hear machine gun fire and you instinctively take cover behind a wall... To be Resolved Via PM. Wanderers Coffee Club - Action - Search Result - Critical Success This place definitely looks lived in post disaster. You're not sure who calls this place home but you take careful note of escape routes should they return. The break area of this warehouse is filled with rotten food. Apparently nobody has been as desperate as you before because among the rotten food you find 10 days worth of preserved foods. After your midday lunch and feeling pretty good about yourself you go back to searching the office. In the desk you find another one of those strange cartridges and a hand crowbar. You decide to ponder the cartridge later and put the crowbar to use. You feel good knowing you could snap the lock off the fire escape if need be. Prying lids off things is hard work! From what crates you've opened this place looks like more of an automotive warehouse. After not much time at all, you're exhausted. You have a feeling this break is going to turn into a nap as you drag yourself upstairs. You head straight for that comfy looking couch and faceplant into its comfy depths. Something jabs you hard in the ribs hard enough to make you cry out. Why hadn't you noticed this last night? You pull the cushion off to reveal a small case. Wedged in the springs, pointed corner sticking up. You take your hand crowbar and pop it open to reveal a Bayonet type knife, an MP-443 Grach, and two full magazines. You feel like you hit the motherlode. Nothing could bring you down from the high you've got right now. Unless the previous occupant were to return or something. Gained - Small Diet x10, Universal Cartridge, Bayonet, MP-443 Grach, 30 9x19mm. Aim for the Legs - Action - Move/Search Result - Critical Failure (Encounter) These buildings look pretty run down, you think to yourself, as you step through what was once a doorway into a devastated looking foyer. This will be the fourth building you've searched through with no luck. In this particular... Dwelling, You can faintly smell something cooking. You pass through another entryway into a kitchen where there is a small cookfire in the middle of the floor. On the cookfire is a small can of stew. You wonder where the occupant may have gone when you hear some shuffling coming from the living room across the foyer... You quickly scan the room for exits when you hear "NO SOUP FOR YOU" To be Resolved Via PM. One Man Army - Action - Move/Search Result - Success After hours of walking through the forest you emerge on a road. You stop at a convenience store and are looking over the goods on the shelf... Most of these have been left here for a reason. You Find two cans that look like they'd be okay to eat. Before continuing your journey you look over the case. You're unable to make heads or tails of it and aren't sure if its worth even bringing with you. You shake it gently and can't hear anything inside. It could be a pistol case or something... On the other hand, it could be empty and really slow you down. Gained - Small Diet x2 Saviours - (DO NOT PUT YOUR COORDINATES IN YOUR POST, Add more detailed descriptions.) Action - Move Result - Success Sneaking makes you slower than you'd like to be, but you're pretty confident nobody saw you. You managed to get further today then you planned for, emerging from the forest and onto a highway. Highrise Corp - Action - Move Result - Success An eventful day yesterday turns into an uneventful day today by comparison. Agnis is strangely quiet after that experience and mostly just follows you like a lost duckling. Its almost like he has never stabbed someone in the chest before. When you stop for the day you can see what looks like an end to the industrial sections and a beginning to the residential and commercial areas of downtown Tarkov. You've heard stories of rival gangs, rogue PMCs and even some kind of fanatics. Somehow you're not afraid of all that, you're mostly concerned with Agnis and if he is going to be able to keep up because you have a feeling the killing has only begun... Roleplay Bonus - 25exp Oranje - Acton - Move Result - Success Nothing about these last few days have made sense. This industrial area looks more like a graveyard and that thug looked more like a teenager. The only silver lining to this is that you're eating a lot better than the scrappy looking dudes you've seen retreating from you as you walk down the street. You're not sure how to solve all the problems of Tarkov, but you're gonna give it your best shot. For now though you'll take it one day and one meal at a time. One sweet delicious can of peaches at a time. Roleplay Bonus - 25exp Bear Nation - (You did not plot your move so you did not move. Ill indulge the roleplay though) Giamiester- Action - Search Result - Success Looking through this warehouse that everyone has decided to stop and rest at you make your way into some locker rooms. The lockers are pretty sturdy and you're really unable to do much in the way of bashing them open. On a scrap of paper in a coat hanging up near the entrance to the locker room you see a combination to one of the lockers. It takes you a couple tries being out of practice with opening lockers but you manage to get it open. Inside you find mostly old clothes but you also find some well preserved lunch in the form of canned vegetables. Result - Small diet x3 Joizzy- Action - Search Result - CRITICAL Success With anxiety about food at the forefront of your mind you begin your search in the cantina. It doesn't take you long to realize that this place, like many others, has been looted before. At one point holding a bottle of cooking oil you wonder if this could sustain you. You're about to give up when you find some jars of peanut butter. Enough for two days worth of nourishment. Bingo! You almost say out loud. You wonder if anyone in the group has a nut allergy. Smashing down the door was tiring work. After a quick search yields nothing you sit on a desk enjoying a finger of peanut butter. After a few minutes you decide that this armory is likely looted. As you turn to leave you see a vest hanging on the hook by the door. Upon closer inspection it appears to be a type of body armor. You cannot believe the luck as you try it on. It fits pretty well you think and looks fashionable too, In a sort of apocalypse type of way. Gained - Small diet x2, Module 3M Bodyarmor D0gday- Action - Search Result - Success You understand the importance of leadership. You also understand the importance of having a direction. Even though the group may be faltering, in large part due to a lack of food. During your split and search you're pulling drawers open in the kitchen when you find a small first aid kit. This looks almost as good as food, You can now easily treat any minor injuries you may come across. Unfortunately you spent the whole day searching and did not make any forward progress toward your smoke in the sky. USUC - Action - Move/Special Result - Ambushed You're up early, even before the sun. You creep down the sidewalk in the early morning hours. You eventually come to a three way intersection outside some silos as the sun is coming up. You spot two dead bodies and some sandbag barricades, as well as a stone wall on your left. About 50m ahead lie the bodies. Gun in hand you creep up to one of the vehicles, an SUV, to get a closer look. You spend time studying the area and everything seems clear enough. As you step out from the cover of the SUV you are sprayed by bullets from an automatic weapon. You twist and dive for cover hoping you aren't swiss cheese... To be Resolved Via PM 613 - (Do not use coordinates in your moves) Action - Search Result - Minor Success The build you find is a small farmhouse out in the woods. There isnt much in the way of buildings around here. A quick search of the house and you manage to find an unopened jar of strawberry jam. Its more than what you had and you count your blessings. After barricading yourself into the master bedroom you count your supplies (You also gathered some basic necessities, odds and ends) and head off to sleep, eager for the next day. Gained - Food x1 Some inactive groups were cleared up Next move 2/19 If you have an encounter to be resolved please do so ASAP
  2. Events

    Next move 2/15 Some groups disbanded after being in the raid and taking no actions for 7+ days.
  3. Events

    Events 2/12 Day 4 Moves: A New Start - Action: Move To Destination Result: Success This area, unlike the forest you've been used to traveling through, is somewhat active. At one point through the night you hear fully automatic gunfire as two parties trade fire some blocks away. Thats enough to keep you awake the rest of the night. You sit in silence and darkness, door barricaded listening for any trace of sound. The gunfire eventually dies down. This makes it even worse as you're now expecting footsteps. You really wish you had a gun, or some friends... Wanderer's Coffee Club - Action: Move to Destination Result: Success Those two by the fire looked like desperate men... You know some things of desperate men and think better of it... You walk for hours and hours finally coming upon this office building. Expect its not an office building at all. Its a large warehouse... You pass by many a tempting looking container in an effort to simply find a place to rest. Up two flights of stairs in the corner of the warehouse you find an office and a break room. You lock the door and drift off to sleep on a very comfy looking couch. The last thoughts that go through your mind is what a nice base this would make if you blocked off the stairs. Bear Nation - (Your group leader didn't specify a move and didn't post a move since tuesday, Ill let it slide and repeat your last action. Remember you most plot a move on the manage group screen AND post on the game forums) Giameister - Action: Move/Search Result: Success Small Diet x2 You feel good about being able to influence the group, even if its just a little. And after finding two small food rations in that odd looking mailbox you feel even better about your decision. You feel like you're sleeping pretty soundly at night too, with these guys watching your back. Any riff raff you encounter is almost immediately driven away by your parties size. Joizzy - Action: Move/Search Result: Failure (Nothing) Great Roleplay bonus! 25exp It feels very mixed to be in a large group like this without a weapon. You find yourself veering off from the group checking out cars and nearby areas. If anyone else in the group has a piece, nobody has shown it yet. Artyom looks like a pretty hard dude, you guess, but then again so do you. At the end of the day despite Artyom being mysteriously absent and you finding nothing, you feel strangely good about how the day went. You wish the guys would chat more. Infz - Action: Move/Search Result: Success Food x4 Everything out this way seems to be warehouse or factory. You do find a vehicle that looks lightly searched. While you don't find anything in the car, you release the trunk hatch to find several dried food rations in a 72 hour kit. You sort of wished it was a rifle and a box of ammo but hey you're not going to complain about food. Travelling in such a big group makes most all the small fish run away but you can't help but think what bigger predators are now hunting you. Saviors - (You must be in a group in raid to play) USUC - (Please describe events from Private Message, next time) Action: Search Result: Critical Success PB Pistol, Ammo After your encounter with the man whos home you invaded ended with you putting a slug through his face from point blank rang, looting his home, and stealing his coat, you set off without remorse onto the next leg of your journey. Halfway through your day you emerge from the forest into now what looks like some commercial buildings. Toward evenings you catch the sound of a spray of automatic gunfire a ways south of you. It sounds like 3-4 combatants although you aren't exactly sure. Laying in the middle of the street you find a PB Pistol one of those ones with the integrated suppressor. You check the mag and its full! The gunfire dies down and you wonder if you should go investigate tomorrow after you rest. Oranje - (You can combine actions, and I always move you a little bit even when searching) Action: Search Result: Success Small diet x10 You're kind of relieved your confrontation went the way it did. After all, you didn't want to shoot anyone or get shot, and you know thats how all of these encounters tend to go these days... The buildings look extremely unstable but you've already committed now. In one of the residential buildings you happen upon an untouched cupboard full of canned food... Feeling particularly good about your haul and even eating some canned peaches, you stroll down the street in search of other fine sources of loot... You hear someone call out from a nearby alleyway though you can't quite make out what was said. Resolve via PM to investigate Highrise Corp - (You guys barely slipped in, I calculate moves monday morning so if you're not in by sunday night, or in your case VERY early monday morning ill probably miss you.) Lewis Action: Move to destination Result: Encounter This time Agnis and yourself travel closer together rather than splitting up and looting. You weren't sure who or what was behind that car but you don't want to ever find out. You guys decide to put foot to pavement and get some distance between you and whoever that was. You wind through the city taking a route you think will help you lose him. You cut through an alleyway with Agnis behind you. "And just where might you two be off to" a voice calls from the other end of the alleyway. You spin around to see... Agnis Action: Move to destination Result: Encounter Lewis seems to have good instincts for running away. You just hope hes as good of a fighter as a runner. You grip the handle of the knife tight under your clothes, hoping you never have to use it and if you do that your aim is true. You spot some more people from a distance from time to time. You and Lewis are careful to avoid them and when you suggest a route, Lewis is receptive to it. You take a back alleyway to stay off the main streets. As you sneak along the alleyway you hear a shuffling behind you. You turn and half pull the knife before you hear a blood chilling voice call out. Agnis and Lewis. Resolve via PM, Again. ~~~IMPORTANT~~~ (If your group was not listed, you did not post in the game section AND update your move on the manage group. See highrise corp if you're not doing something correctly. Contact me if you have and questions i'd be happy to explain it.)
  4. Events

    Next move Monday 2/12 If you have a conflict to resolve you need to pm me ASAP
  5. Probably. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now its the rule of fun.
  6. New players

    ~Please Note~ Characters that are lacking description, low quality, or not in English will NOT be approved. Below are some guidelines for character creation. Send me a message with any questions.
  7. Nope, It would go based of stats and characters descriptions of their actions. Everyone is already the 6'2 spec ops sniper. Theres no need to incentivize people to create even more wacky killing machines. While a PMC should have some advantage over a character with no military training, I just can't bring myself to punish people for not being a 'sniper with over 300 confirmed kills' Good roleplay and a believable character might earn you some bonus exp or some other, and I'd be more inclined to throw quests your way.
  8. There is a limit to this, as a GM I always try to use 'Yes and' instead of no. If a player says something like "I find an AK47" I would probably write, "And its horribly broken beyond repair and completely unusable"
  9. Game

    Just a reminder. I'd like group names and you must fill out your move in the game panel manage group. Each group member must describe his own actions.
  10. The Romp Bar

    A message is pinned on the notice board... "New groups are forming to head into the city in search of wealth and opportunity. Some Escapers are returning from Tarkov with stories from the city. Being in a group increases your odds of success. Best of luck out there."
  11. Events

    2/8 Events Day 3 (When a group has two or more participants, on the game panel I'd like a description of the groups actions. On the game forum, i'd like each individual to post and describe their individual actions.) (Remember, We no longer speak about our coordinates on the game forum, only the game panel.) Some groups found themselves shorter on food than they were expecting. Perhaps they ate more than they thought or perhaps some hungry vagrant stole some while you were asleep. Maybe you should start sleeping in shifts, or find someone to watch your back. Some groups found the harshness of Tarkov to be too much for them. They sadly have disbanded after taking no actions, unable to even go more than a few miles from their hideout. They find themselves now in the hideout, plotting their next moves. Rumors of increased UN presence in the area. The Moves: Highrise Corp - (Highrise is doing exactly the correct thing, use them to model yourselves. More roleplay is better) Lewis Action: Search Result: Success food Small diet x6 Searching this area seems to be extremely lucrative compared to what you've been searching. Having a friend with you helps lift both your spirits and make for an all around more enjoyable day. You spend the day searching buildings together, always staying within earshot in case the worst happens. Finally at the end of the day you meet up to share your bounty. Agnisekhar Action: Search Result: Success Bars knife, Small diet x5 ,5.56 Nato x30 Lewis seems like a nice guy, if a big haggard from being out in the elements. You spend the day searching with him and while you're pretty sure you made out better than him, even at one point finding a very nice hunting knife in mint condition, you don't want to discourage him too much. When you meet back up you can't decide if you're going to tell him about the knife you found, now safely stored away in your waistline. 613 - Action: Search Result: Success Small diet x1 Searching through this forested area feels futile, you barely manage to scrape together enough food out of an abandoned car to recoup what you've eaten for the day. There just arent enough signs of civilization around. The ones you do find are just too picked over. You get the sense that you'll have to go deeper if you want to find anything substantial. Wanderer's Coffee Club - Action: Move to Destination Result: Success Walking the entire day strangely makes your ankle feel better. By the end of the trek you've seen some sprinklings of rain but overall its been another bleak overcast day in Tarkov. You emerge from the woods just before nightfall to the backs of some garage or other parking structure. Here you see your first signs of life. A trash barrel fire burning and two men standing by the fire warming themselves. These men wear no PMC patches or UN Colors, you cannot visibly see if they are armed though from what you understand of Tarkov, everyone is armed until proven otherwise. Either way, you have decent cover about 50m away in the darkness and they don't seem to notice you. Looks like its in your hands. (Resolve via PM) A New Start - Lucas, your move was not calculated on the game panel aka manage group. USUC - Action: Search Result: Failure You push your fears to the back of your mind and set off into Tarkov, Searching for some supplies. Nothing is looking too promising until you happen upon what looks to be someones base of operations. You're on the second floor of the building admiring someones collection of supplies and notice the handle of a hunting knife sticking out from under the pillow. You're about to reach for it when you hear someone coming up the stairs... (Resolve via PM) Bear Nation - (Artoym, You have a LARGE group. Reap the benefits of this by having each player post his own actions, see Highrise corp.) Action: Search Result: Success 9x93 ammo Small diet x2 Food x4 The days searching goes well with your considerable group size. The scav voices you hear sound far enough away that your group could avoid them. You did however, bring knife to a gunfight. (You can resolve this via PMs, or I will assume that you avoided these scavs. In the future let the GM decide what your party encounters as far as items and NPCs.) Oranje - (Almost forgot you, you had an older forum entry) Action: Move to destination Result: Success You move away from your woodlands hideout and into the outskirts of the city. After a long walk to decide to survey your surroundings. You notice two men conversing in the middle of the street. They look strong and healthy. You're several hundred meters away and could attempt to head towards them, if you wished. (Resolve in PM if you're approaching) ~~~IMPORTANT~~~ (If your group was not listed, you did not post in the game section AND update your move on the manage group. See highrise corp if you're not doing something correctly. Contact me if you have and questions i'd be happy to explain it.)
  12. You can leave the raid and return to your hideout to shop. I believe you can do this via dismiss group "hideout" isnt exactly on the map. You can start in two locations for the raid. Its either the area where you start or your own icon after moves are calculated. I don't know much about the player side considering I haven't really got to play
  13. Accurate. There is a limit on the number of groups, and probably always will be. I can manage this, I just got over 200 applications to read through. some bugs to work out, and a lack of experience with the tools. ITS ONLY GONNA GET BETTER BOYSIES Can you be more specific? Please see events section:
  14. Hello all, Moves tentatively will be calculated on Mondays and Thursdays. The application may post in the "new player" section without worry. But rest assured I personally review each application and must approve or reject before they may it in game. See this thread: