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  1. New players

    Character name Odin Description White male, Blue eyes, Blonde hair. His past Marine Corps- MARSOC How did he get to Tarkov? Investigating the rumors of USEC personnel conducting illegal activities Predilections M416 and M110 rifles Long walks in the streets of Tarkov Friends Carnyj Coyne Howl CT_Actual Raven Shalyn Buckers Bookcada Wes Skinner Smokey Wounds, and battles Multiple bullet wounds and broken bones (all mended) Aspirations Searching out the corruption in Tarkov The greatest achievement that character did Classified. Strength 26 Endurance 26 Accuracy 28 Sniper
  2. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 4x Roler s Discord: Abschatten#3149
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    Thank you!
  4. Escape From Rainforest

    Because Russia
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    How do you regain rep with Prapor if you don't turn Chemical part 4 into him?
  6. Official Trading Thread

    Buying 2 Flash drives, paying well.
  7. Official Trading Thread

    Selling! Rollers 300k or $3000 each Pistol Cases 10k or 800,000 rubles Customs Keys are 100k or $1000 Sans 306 Key $10,000 or best offer BUYING Factory Key
  8. Official Trading Thread

    WTS Gamma, 2 pistol cases Factory key + $15,000 or $25,000 USD and or mix of rubles. Keybar will also be entertained! Pistol cases are $15,000 each
  9. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

    Probably missed the the point, but saving gear is not exactly a great way of spending the game, I still have fear of loss over losing my gear which makes me love the game more. Tired of seeing such poorly geared players and slaughtering hatcheteers.
  10. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

    When I knew the wipe was coming I got a wet paper towel and starting wiping off those really pretty M4's and Forts that I wasn't touching at the time, and guess what? I was using them and started making so much damn money and bringing in so many damn M4's from the blood soaked lands of Tarkov I started having to sell them for USD and Rubles..Why you ask? Money makes money boo boo. <3 Am I like Batman? I am the hero the forums need but not the Hero they deserve?
  11. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

    I laughed pretty hard myself at that, like... Really? I just lost a full kit M4 worth like $2k but it was not important...I've got 15 more.
  12. Official Trading Thread

    Paying $6000 or 570,000r for keybar Buying 7 Tuchonkas for 150,000 r or $1500
  13. Official Trading Thread

    Buying 7 Tushonkas! PST
  14. Official Trading Thread

    Selling Gamma $25,000 Milk x 12 - $350 per / 30,000 r T-bags x 21 45,000 r or $500 GM counters $500 per Buying 10 Tushonkas
  15. Official Trading Thread

    I'd prefer to do $1650 if possible