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  1. Vertnox

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy doing a Scav run on Shoreline at about 10:45am GMT +1 with me after spawning in next to eachother, we ran around for a good while, even let me take the AS Val, thank you, as you Sir, are one of the main reasons I play this game. Legend.
  2. Vertnox

    The Traders Greed event is over

    It will be worth the extra time I'm sure of it, cant wait!
  3. Vertnox

    INGAME iSSUES /knife dissapear and no money left

    As an alternative, do Scav runs? even with no knife you could also run to gun spawn areas and build up your stash that way, sure it may be tough, but not impossible by any means.
  4. Vertnox

    New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Ah got them, yey
  5. Vertnox

    New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Pre-ordered the game in February, I'm guessing I will get the trial keys sometime today?
  6. Vertnox

    New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Awesome news
  7. Vertnox

    Factory Key

    Gratz, I know the feeling ha, found mine there too on a lucky scav run, just as I was starting to loose hope
  8. Vertnox

    So I tried voice acting

    Sounds great, keep up the good work, the ones where aggression comes into play are very good.
  9. Vertnox

    Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    "Discounts begin: November 23 at 19:00 MSK Discounts End: 25 November at 23:59 MSK" It has not started yet man :I though not too long to go!
  10. Vertnox

    Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Me too man, I've put too much time into this game, and can respect the devs for their constant updates in both the game and general information, and the effort they have put into the project. Aside from supporting the devs, the extra inventory space is a nice touch too
  11. Vertnox

    Login attempt and Pre-Order placed

    I'm not sure how helpful it will be now, but you should give this a read, it will give you some information about what has happened to you, and hopefully can help others who view it. But that sucks though man