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  1. Fix for matching wait times

    And I thought my matching times were bad, holy smokes. I'm waiting between 5 and 10 minutes on a packed factory queue in NA.
  2. Cant load into certain maps/100% map load freeze

    if you haven't already, try updating your graphics card drivers. If that doesn't work, try increasing your page file size if you use a HDD and don't have a whole lot of RAM
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    CZ - CZ 75, CZ P-07, CZ 805 Bren, CZ Scorpion EVO 3, CZ Skorpion, CZ557/750, and CZ 550 FN Herstal - FNS-9, FNX-45 Tac, FN Five-seveN, FN P90, FN SCAR, FN (Minimi) M249, FN Ballista, FN FAL, FN FNC Springfield Armory - M1A (M14/M21) IWI - Tavor, Galil, Uzi, Mini-Uzi Beretta - M9A3, ARX 100 (Its rumored some service members have been driven so mad that they actually prefer the M9 over other options) HK - HK 45 Tac, USP Tac, VP Tac, M27/HK416 (MR556A1/MR762A1), G3, G36, PSG-1, MG4, MP5, MP7, UMP Remington - Model 700 Did not include any Russian manufacturers as I assume they have that covered or Sig as they have already included the MPX and I likewise assume they are already in contact. CZ-USA Representatives available Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Central Toll-free: 1-800-955-4486 Phone: (913) 321-1811 Fax: (913) 321-2251 Extension List: 331 – Catalog Request 334 – Retail Sales / Cust. Service 340 – Marketing 341 – Custom Shop 342 – Human Resources 344 – LEO / Military Sales FN Herstal Phone: 703-288-3500 Fax: 800-388-6048 Springfield Armory Toll-Free: (800) 680-6866 Phone: (309) 944-5631 IWI Tel: +1 (717) 695-2081 • Fax: +1 (717) 412-0873 Info@IWI.US Beretta 800-BERETTA Ext: 2003 (Public Relations Requests) HK Military/LEO Sales Tel: (703) 450-1900 Fax: (703) 450-8160 E-mail: Remington Customer Service 1 (800) 243-9700 Honorable Mentions - Norinco - Zastava - Marketing telefon:+381 34 336 077 fax:+381 34 323 683 Walther - Phone: (479) 242-8500 (USA) Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Central Time Steyr -
  4. Scavs screenshots

    If you touch my slav potato salad, I will shiv your blyating eyes out Igor.
  5. Additional materials

    True, I see people claiming that "the lore" says this that or the other, but I've only found a limited number of official English-language posts between the forums, IG, and Facebook that still leave us with a very incomplete picture.
  6. Escape from Tarkov Developer's 2016 Report

    Sorry to resurrect and old thread, but does anybody have any idea what the doge box is? I rofl'd when I saw that in the video and searched far and wide, but to no avail. I'd love to see this easter egg in the full game whatever it is.
  7. Add Vaulting

    YES! Sliding should definitely be considered as well, although I'd be happy with just vaulting. Slide tackles would be cool too when they finalize player collision. I read in their most recent FAQ on the Facebook page that "we plan to add body carrying, knocking down the opponent, stumbling and falling the player." I'm that much more excited for this already stellar game and can't wait to see where the Dev's take hand-to-hand CQC in the future. (Please look at Metal Gear Solid for inspiration!)
  8. Sherpas Weapons

    I agree that weapons should not be added unless they fit into the lore of the game. With that being said, any modern armament is fair game (PMC's have ample access to most weaponry) and any former surplus armaments which have since become collectors items ought be fair game for inclusion as well. The Makarov, one of the most common handguns in the former Soviet bloc, is nearly 70 years old and is widely available around the world, though remarkably outdated. Similarly, the M1 Garand and other WW2 surplus weapons like the Kar98K, M1911, and Mosin-Nagants are still widely available and could be present in the Norvinsk region in appreciable, though limited, quantities. Most automatic surplus firearms like the BAR or the Thompson SMG are available in extremely limited quantities globally owing to their fully automatic nature and evolving firearm laws which would restrict the possibility of ever encountering one in Russia. Anything before the WW2 era with the exception of the M1911 and the TT ought to be excluded, as well as automatic firearms before the Korean War era. Provided that these weapons could be included in the game, and that they would be extremely rare, I feel as though any firearm I've mentioned in this post would make an excellent and unique reward for Sherpas.
  9. Sherpas gear

    +1 for this. Scrap my idea, a revive option would alot easier to implement and less abusable. A cosmetic identifier would be pretty crucial, and I like that this keeps with the Sherpa theme
  10. General questions on weapon implementation

    @Auvlen Even the fact that you can throw them from straight out of your container? I think the damage mechanics are fairly decent though I've seen players take damage behind cover and in adjacent rooms (might need some adjustment), but I think they should only be useable when stashed in pockets, rigs, or even backpacks, just not containers. I heard through a live stream from an emissary that tomahawk throwing will be implemented eventually which will be fun. @Lesquereux The weapon handling around corners is certainly still clunky. I really appreciate what the developers are trying to convey with this, but the ability to switch firing hands when peeking corners would perfect it. They also ought to have weapons point downwards, as opposed to upwards, when peeking over ground cover as to not obscure line of sight (only with short barreled weapons though, obviously a DMR or sniper would be realistically too difficult to bring back over cover in the nick of time). I've heard plenty of players agree in streams and forum posts.
  11. General questions on weapon implementation

    So I was watching a stream last night, and the streamer pointed out that grenades could be placed in the gamma container and then thrown by pressing G. I was under the impression that items would only be usable if placed in a players rig/pockets, and was wondering if this is intended because grenades are so valuable and difficult to come across in order to balance the game? Or will players not be allowed to throw grenades directly from their containers to enhance the realism and fix this issue?
  12. Sherpas gear

    In stark contrast to plenty of the other opinions in this thread, I believe Sherpa's ought to have an unlimited out-of-game supply of PP-91's/Makarovs and medical supplies to distribute to new players at their own discretion during raids. They ought to also have a unique, un-lootable backpack that can hold one set of PP-91/Makarov, splint, bandage, spare mag, and water for each new player they are training in game. The material assistance of Sherpas, in addition to their verbal advice, will undoubtedly lessen the learning curve preventing successful raids without too dramatically altering the game's balance. This backpack would be unable to hold any loot acquired during raids preventing Sherpas from abusing their position and cannot be looted upon the Sherpa's death preventing players from exploiting and targeting Sherpa groups.
  13. Sherpas Weapons

    I am wholeheartedly against giving Sherpas unique weapons and even items. My first initial thought was that sherpas ought to receive some sort of compensation for their effort, but these are people with a passion for the game and sharing that passion with as many other gamers as possible in order to develop a robust EFT community. If player wouldn't be a Sherpa out of the desire to help others, they simply shouldn't be a Sherpa. I think that unique camos and weapon skins for these players would be acceptable or even a completely unique melee weapon I would be fine with (a large vodka bottle or a bat with nails would be hilarious).
  14. Gore/Realistic damage

    In addition to the visual aspects of death, some of the audio is truly absurd. Take for example this poor SCAV, who takes nearly ten seconds to sing/grunt his last words like some kind of Neanderthal who just busted a nut.
  15. Idea About Throwing from Far Cry ( bit modified)

    This should definitely be included. Countless players play so cautiously and rely tremendously on audio to be aware of their surroundings; this would allow players to confuse others who might think that the object thrown was merely kicked or knocked by a moving player in its vicinity.