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    Имя персонажа Gunther Описание Was born in Germany, 1,97 height, brown hair, brown eyes Его прошлое After both his parents died he fell into a very deep depression and started taking drugs. He then lost his job as a banker, his girlfriend left him and he lost his home. Как он попал в Тарков? After losing everything someone offered him a job, sadly the offer was to good to be true. Пристрастия Working out Друзья All his friends are still in Germany and he has no one else besides them. Ранения и битвы He has a scar next to his right eye Стремления He wants to leave Tarkov and wants to get back to his friends in germany. Самые значительные достижения персонажа Survived being stabbed multiple times into the upper chest and stomach region. Сила 30 Выносливость 28 Меткость 22 Боец
  2. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    Smoke grenades would be awesome
  3. Chiappa Rhino

    Can't wait to finally see revolvers in this game
  4. Low durability.

    Higher chance of weapon jamming the lower the durability gets sounds really nice imo