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  1. When is ping show option coming ???

    yea its getting ridiculous.... I mean like a few hours ago i was in a gun fight. I am reloading behind cover ... and i die.... the damage took 10 secs to f.... register. I wont even talk about the damn container i opened a container and it would show the window ...... 1 min later half map away the game opens up the container....... The container was in the factory the green container in the stairs. I went form the stairs outside up in the metal catwalks kept straight down by jumping and the container opened when i reached the damn exit.....
  2. I will be simple today i died around 10 times behind cover 2-5 seconds after someone shot at me . I play in all game with good ping but tarkovs seems to be playign at 300-400 ping. So i will make sure none of my clan mates buy it (10-20) people and all the guys i know in gaming communities until we see an ping meter to at least know the truth and then i am expecting a fix for ping issues. SO when does the ping counter and btw i am playing most games with 70 ping and have 15mbs.
  3. TeamSpeak Server

    so is there a teamspeak or not?
  4. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Says alpha for me.
  5. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Where can i check if i have access ? also can i predownload the game ? if i dont have access?
  6. Handcuffs!

    There we have it.... That would be really cool. Especially if they put like VoIP in game. Instead of killing a poor b@st@rd with no weapons just cuff him and go away ... and give the ability to try and get uncuffed... like trying to slip through the hand... maybe do some hand dmg,... I think that would be awsome... I would not like to like shoto a guy with a knife because he is looting... i would prefer to cuff him. Guys remember we are trying to leave this doomed city... We are tired of the killing... We are tired of the war and we want our way out of this hell... So why kill an unarmed man ?? but why take the risk getting shot form behind. You cuff him with zip ties. and leave. Simple. Also the unconscious thingy would be good to.. Shoot someone like in the torso .. his armor stops the big percentage of the damage.. but he falls unconscious.. you can go loot him and cuff him ... maybe even bandage him so when he wakes up he wont bleed out. It would give a lot of options in the game instead of just killing everyone. even scavs.... (remeber they are civilians) Maybe not killing all the scavs and cuffing some you could get in good "relations" with them even get a good standing with a scav trader that will appear like every 5 days... So i wrote much already .... Hope you can find my ideas nice
  7. Some questions (NOT ABOUT BETA)

    Copy that. cant wait to play
  8. Some questions (NOT ABOUT BETA)

    I do read the forum etc but i dont have enough time to watch lots of Streams right now. Thats why i am asking here so i can tell my friends Well Thanks a lot for the answers. I will probably check that @Kleanuppguy
  9. Ok so ive been following the game for some time now and i decided to buy a standard edition (i know .. not the most generous but thats what i could afford) So some of my friends are interested in the game and we are thinking of playing together as a clan so i would like to as some questions and i hope i do not repeat any already answered ones. 1. Will there be the ability to team up with friends for a raid ?? if yes . how many ?? 2-3-4-5-6 and how many people per raid ? 2. Will there be any end game content except unlocking all maps ? (if i remember correctly you said there will be 12-13 maps in launch ? ) 3. Me and my friend are quite interested in ammo and health system. So will there be difference in ammo. Like ak74 has steel core ammo mostly used by Russian forces (soft steel and hard) U.S.A has other types of cores ... Pistols have from hollow points up to ammo that can penetrate even vests retaed for rifles. (i remember seeing 9mm tungesten ammo penetrating III or IIIA vests) If i find the video again i will post it . And lastly will there be advanced medical system. Like different type of bandages for different parts of the body , blood bags , painkillers . Something like arma ace mod ? Thanks a lot for your time in advance, P.S: please people dont spamm about beta like in every post i see in facebook... just please dont spamm this post too.
  10. This Game Blew Up My Computer

    Give that man a cookie I am looking to buy a blank firing nade for airsoft mainly... Got any good place or brand i should look for ?? P.S: one of my friends has a 12 gauge blank firing and the noise is .... oooo god loud as fak
  11. This Game Blew Up My Computer

    Well it seriously looks totally rekt
  12. How old are you?

  13. This Game Blew Up My Computer

    ahahahah .... now tell us the truth... you did put a grenade into it
  14. General questions on weapon implementation

    The thing with balistic shields is that they should get most of your space and make you really slow. But in level IIIA they should be able to stop AK rounds especially since standard ak military ammo is either steel core or tungesten. So they would be a little pointless. For example if you get shot with a makarov you should be ok or from a shotgun with pellets... But if you are walking in a hallway with a shield and you get shot with an ak you should become swiss cheese.... I would hate seeing shields protecting you from anything ... like having a wall in front of you. (i think thats the reason why the military doesn't use them in actual conflict but only in some hostage rescue mission in urban environments.