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  1. Exits not working?

    Yes... I also reinstalled the game and still the same thing, no single exit on customs is working for me (also tried alt+f4 and relogging). The only thing i can do on this map is looking for keys with my empty container but still it sucks because i need customs for some tasks. I cant find anything to fix this
  2. Extraction Impossible

    I dont even get countdowns... tried every extraction point (always as pmc) - nothing. And after alt+f4 and relogging the same poo again for this reason i am currently not able to play on customs
  3. The Scavs: Zhilnov armed group

    Yeah noice
  4. Escape: Surveillance Diary

  5. Chiappa Rhino

  6. USEC: Surveillance Diary - Novak

    Very cool
  7. USEC: Surveillance Diary

    Nice one
  8. You guys are doing a great job
  9. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Thabk you! This is awesome, i hardly never play because i dont want to loose my gear but now... good job guys!
  10. Cheaters ban wave

    Good job
  11. 2 PC einen ACC

    Möchte heute einen Freund von mir besuchen (er findet EFT auch nice, hat es aber nicht gekauft). Also kann ich mich einfach an seinem Rechner anmelden damit er es auch mal ausprobieren kann? Natürlich wird das Spiel wieder von seinem PC gelöscht wenn ich heimfahre. Er will es halt nur mal testen und es sich dann vllt auch kaufen. Mfg Max